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Thread: Windows Xp Question Again

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    Question Windows Xp Question Again

    Responding to the windows xp question about connecting to another pc using
    dos i know all of the commands im trying to connect, do i need something on
    my machine turned on or off im not trying to find the ip i already have the
    ip i can connect with my other pc (windows 98) to get the netbios chart but
    the problem with that is that my other pc doesn't have a find computer
    option so there for i can't really connect i don't know why but it doesn't
    so how may i connect using dos because i don't know much about telnet and
    connecting . i have the ip then when i try to connect using dos in nbtstat
    -A the netbios chart doesn't come up with the <20> to see what that pc's
    sharing . im also trying to do this on a dial-up toshiba labtop. with win xp
    but when i have the ip and type nbtstat -A 123.456.78 and hit enter it
    replys......"local area connection"
    Node IP address: [] scope Id:[]
    Host not found
    \device\Netbt_Tcpip_<455A890D-44D-4D8A-989c-c114COBE 4760.: node ip address:
    [] scope id: []
    Host not found

    does this have anything to do with my local listing or something ....
    please help thank you ..

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    I have read both your post but I do not have a good idea of what your trying to do.

    Could you start over with what your school project is meant to accomplish?

    If you simply want to connect to a share then open your "run" box and type \\computername\share and a window to that share will pop-up. (replace "computername" with the remote computer's name and "share" with the shared folder's name.)

    If you want to see what the computer is sharing then type \\computername and a window of open shares will pop-up.

    Note that you can also use the computer's IP address in place of the "computername".

    Good Luck

    EDIT Have you ran the "networking wizard" on the XP laptop?
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