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External Ventilation

In order for system cooling to be effective, it is mandatory that there be good air flow not only within the system case but also immediately outside it as well. If the PC is located somewhere where it will not get adequate ventilation, it can overheat no matter how many fans you have on the inside of the box.

Ventilation is closely related to ambient temperature of course, since air flow outside the box is more important in a hot room than a cool one. The best environment for the computer is one with regulated temperature settings, air conditioning, and active ventilation of the entire room. In practice, ventilation isn't a problem as long as you use common sense. The most important part of this is simply making sure that you provide space for the power supply fan to blow, without blocking it off. Sometimes this happens by accident when a PC is jammed against the wall when placed on a desk. Other no-nos are also pretty obvious: don't put papers on top of the ventilating grating on your monitor, and don't enclose the entire PC in a box that will not let air circulate properly (some people try to do this to cut down on noise; it is doable but you must make provisions for ventilation if you try it.)

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