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Dirty Environments

Computers operate best when they are used in a clean environment, and when they are cleaned regularly. Most offices and homes are clean enough that a PC requires no special treatment other than regular cleaning as part of routine preventive maintenance. Industrial environments however can be murder on PCs.

I remember removing an old failed PC from the tool room of a machine shop, where cast iron was milled and drilled day after day for years. When I opened the PC, the entire interior was coated with carbon dust. Out of interest I opened up the dead hard disk in this machine, and I found the same dust caked inside the hard drive! It had worked its way into the drive and had coated all the platters of the disk with soot. Not too surprising that this drive stopped functioning!

PCs that are going to be used in dirty circumstances should be protected or cleaned more often. One easy preventive measure is to use an air cleaner in the room where the PC is located. There are also special cases and enclosures for PC hardware designed for industrial environments to safeguard against damage due to dirt. The average PC owner only has to remember to clean their equipment occasionally and no problems will generally result.

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