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8042 gate - A20 error

Address line short!

BIOS ROM checksum error - system halted

Cache memory bad, do not enable cache!

CH-1 timer error

CH-2 timer error

CMOS battery (has) failed

CMOS battery state low

CMOS checksum error - defaults loaded

CMOS checksum error

CMOS checksum failure

CMOS display type mismatch

CMOS memory size mismatch

CMOS system options not set

CMOS time and date not set


Disk boot failure

Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press Enter

Diskette boot failure

Diskette drive failure

Diskette drive X failure (X may be 0, 1, 2, A or B)

Diskette drives or types mismatch error - run setup

Diskette read failure - press F1 to retry boot

Display adapter failed; using alternate

Display switch is set incorrectly

Display switch not proper

Display type has changed since last boot

DMA #1 error

DMA #2 error

DMA bus time-out

DMA error

Error encountered initializing hard drive

Error initializing hard drive controller

Extended RAM failed at offset: nnnn

Failing bits: XXXX

FDD controller failure

Fixed disk configuration error

Fixed disk controller failure

Fixed disk failure

Fixed disk read failure - press F1 to retry boot

Fixed disk X failure (X may be 0, 1, C or D)

Floppy disk controller error or no controller present

Floppy disk(s) fail

Gate A20 failure

Hard disk initializing; please wait a moment...

Hard disk install failure

Hard disk(s) diagnosis fail

Hard drive controller failure

HDD controller failure

I/O card parity error at xxxxx

Incorrect drive A type

Incorrect drive B type

Internal cache test failed - cache is disabled

Interrupt Error

Intr #1/#2 Error

Invalid configuration information - please run setup

Invalid media type

Invalid partition table

Keyboard clock line failure

Keyboard controller failure

Keyboard data line failure

Keyboard error

Keyboard error or no keyboard present

Keyboard error: nn

Keyboard interface error

Keyboard interface error

Keyboard is locked - unlock

Keyboard is locked out - unlock the key

Keyboard locked

Keyboard stuck key failure

Memory address error at XXXX

Memory failure at xxxxx, read xxxxx, expecting xxxxx

Memory parity error at XXXX

Memory size has changed since last boot

Memory size in CMOS invalid

Memory test fail

Memory test:

Memory verify error at XXXX

Missing operating system

No boot device available - press F1 to retry boot

No boot device available - strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility

No boot sector on fixed disk - press F1 to retry boot

No boot sector on fixed disk - strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility

No boot sector on hard-disk drive

NO ROM BASIC - system halted

No timer tick interrupt

Non-system disk or disk error; replace and press/strike any key when ready

Not a boot diskette - press F1 to retry boot

Not a boot diskette

Operating system not found

Option ROM checksum failure

Override enabled - defaults loaded

Parity check

Parity error ????

Press F1 to disable NMI, F2 to reboot

Primary master hard disk failure

Primary slave hard disk failure

Real time clock Error

Real time clock failure

RAM parity error

ROM error

Secondary master hard disk failure

Secondary slave hard disk failure

Shadow RAM failed

Shutdown failure

Static resource conflict

System battery is dead

System cache error - cache disabled

System CMOS checksum bad

System RAM failed at offset: XXXX

System timer error

Time of day clock stopped

Time of day not set - run setup program

Timer 1/2 failure

Timer error

Unable to control A20 line

Unexpected interrupt in protected mode

Updating ESCD...

XXXX ROM error

XXXXH Option ROM checksum failure

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