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Thread: How do you copy CD-G CD`s(Kareoke CD`s)?.

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    Post How do you copy CD-G CD`s(Kareoke CD`s)?.

    I am asking this question on behalf of a mate,who is pulling his hair out trying to copy his collection of Kareoke Cd`s so he can sell them on to someone else as he is giving up the part time business he had doing the Kareoke circuit.
    The problem is he cannot copy the Cd`s as they have both Music AND Graphics on them,hence CD-G CD`s.
    After checking out various websites on the net,he has found out that to do this properly,the latest drivers for his drive(Yamaha) and the burning program "CDRWIN" is the best way to go about this.
    He has had no luck so far,so can anybody recommend a website resource or a method/program that will do this properly?.
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    I was asked to copy some Karaoke CD's and found that if the contain both the graphics and music you can only record using specialist programs. Try this they have some demo software for CDG format, will say it didnt work for me!!
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    Try these cool kats...

    I hang there for some of the laughter bit as I don't do karaoke...the site is run by two lovely britts go_girl & prettysweet they got all kinds of info on just what ur asking

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