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    When I put my comp into standby mode, it wont come back to life,I move the mouse, type on the keyboard, nothing,I am using windows 98 se,700 duron,126 megspc 133 ram,tnt 32 meg video card,generic sound card,asus a7v mainboard,thats all I can think of,please, put on your thinking caps for this one

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    With all the possible combinations of Power Management settings, both in BIOS and in Windows, and the well-known inability of Windows to deal well with standby/shutdown/restart conditions, you may be better off just forgetting it. My recommendation -- Turn off or disable all PM settings, set everything to "Always On", and turn off the monitor by its own switch if you're away for more than 20 minutes. It's the biggest power consumer and heat generator in your system. Most of the power saving features evolved for extending battery life in portables. There is an excellent discussion of this topic in the PC Guide here
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    AMEN Brotha

    I'm putting a new Fat32 partition in my Head Drive...hope it speeds me up.......
    XP didn't save Me !

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