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Thread: Unwelcomed Power off

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    Unwelcomed Power off

    Toshiba Satellite 1800-921 runs fine most of the time but occasionally switches itself off. Unfortunately always occurs during a virus scan (Norton internet security 2003). Can't find a pattern apart from during virus scan. No mods. made to the machine. Running broadband so machine tends to be permanently on using mains power with battery removed. Machine is warm but not excessively hot. Some days it may happen 2-3 times - often can go for 1 week with no prob until next virus scan. Any ideas/suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks in anticipation.

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    Hello Domeo,

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    You might just want to try things with a fan gently blowing on the unit and see if that has any effect...

    Have you checked with Norton to see if there are any known glitches in their program?

    Might be nothing, but it does seem a bit suspicious that this happens when running a Virus Scan. If this is the only time it happens you might want to consider an on-line scan...

    I'll see if I can find the link...I think some of the folks here have them bookmarked...

    Here's one:
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    OS version would be helpful...
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    OS sysatem is Windows XP version 5.1

    Tried the online scan but the system hung and dropped power somewhere during the process. Ran Norton again and patiently sat staring at screen hoping to get an idea of where it would drop as I thought it may be software now. However, scan completed ok. Tonite I left machine for 10 mins whilst Photoshop was running and returned to a blank screen and power less nachine. Am trying running with fan nearby as from today
    Is there a problem using a laptop as a desktop?
    I have removed battery, it's hooked up to a 19 in Monitor, broadband, and usual peripherals - printer, scanner, digital card reader via USB. Never had the back off, no mods. Maybe I shud power off when not in use but that tends to defeat the object of broadband.

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    Shouldn't be any problem using a laptop as a desktop. It also wouldn't be a problem turning it off when you are not using it, I have broadband DSL and turn it off every day. Unless there is something you really need to stay connected for, it doesn't hurt anything to disconnect.

    As for the problem, WinXP has a "feature" that will automatically reboot the system when there is a problem. If you turn this off, you may be able to get a better idea of what is causing the problem.

    For the fan, it needs to be blowing directly on the computer, preferably into a vent...
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    You say you are using this machine with the battery removed. I wonder if that is part of the problem, in that the mains power unit supplies a (slightly) higher voltage, in order to charge the battery. Without the battery to absorb this, the internal power unit is having to deal with it, and this could well lead to overheating in the circumstances you describe.

    It might be worth replacing the battery, and see if the fault recurs.

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    Also, is this an independently powered USB that you've all the peripherals you mentioned connected up to?
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