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Thread: The Who

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    The Who

    i just got the two new songs Who songs from iTunes. The songs are on the new compilation album, Then and Now, but got released a week early on iTunes and Napster. They sound really good. Rogers voice still sounds great after all these years. Real Good Looking Boy reminded me of why I like the Who so much. It is great to hear new music from such talented artists. I hope they go on tour, it would be great to see them live. I know it isn't the same without Keith and John, but it still would be an amazing show.

    If you are a big Who fan, i suggest you check out their ufanz site. You can get news, inside details, promote the Who, and earn great Who items and prizes. Iím a member and if you want to get some great free stuff, it is great. The link to the site is:

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    Apr 2001
    alberta, canada
    I saw The Who twice in Vancouver, 1991. Both shows were sold out @55,000+ and they played a full three hours before a 15m break then the encore. Their encore songs were a mixture of Hendrix and Beatles.

    Their three hour set pretty much featured every popular song of theirs from 1968-1980. I lost count on how many songs they played. John Entwhistle didn't move a muscle throughout the show. They were exremely loud but their sound was very crisp and clear. Best sounding band I've ever seen live in that size venue.

    The Who will be playing in Australia July/04


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    Apr 2004
    wisconsin in the depth of CWD land
    boy im outa the loop didnt know they were touring. man i cant call myslef a who fan.

    "Sally, take my hand
    Travel south cross land
    Put out the fire
    And don't look past my shoulder
    The exodus is here
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    Let's get together
    Before we get much older"
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