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Thread: Microsoft Memo to Employees

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    Microsoft Memo to Employees

    I couldn't stop laughing long enough to finish reading it after this...

    With Windows Server 2003, we can compete for every commercial workload running on Linux or UNIX today even mainframes and high-performance computing at lower cost, more efficiently and more reliably. In addition, we are unique in offering an integrated platform including our server and IW applications and partner ISV workloads and applications.

    Can someone in the class please tell me what is less than 0?

    Does this mean that they intend to pay me to use the product?
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    I could mean they intend you to use the product. funny quote: negatives are less than zero, but you can't have a negative amount of money.
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    yes you can have a neg $$

    when the mandatory updates come out at $$$.$$$.$$ each..

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