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Thread: OOOLLLDDD Laptop Sound Card Q's

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    OOOLLLDDD Laptop Sound Card Q's

    Hey, fellas.

    I just purchased a Dell Latitude CPi R400GT for $25, which is a great deal for me since I'm a college bound student. HOWEVER, even though it realistically is only for word processing and the internet, I'd like to get as much out of it as I can. (Meaning: I want sound :P)

    The sound card in it does not work and I've searched for the past two weeks for a working driver with no success.

    Using EVEREST Home Edition, I was able to find out what sound card is inside. It's a NeoMagic MagicMedia 256 + AC97 ... apparently the NeoMagic corp. no longer provides the drivers. So I went to other driver sites. I downloaded the driver for the specific card... yet while installing on my Win 98SE system, it asks for a .cab file that I could not find anywhere on the internet or the Win98SE cd and I'm not sure it even exists. So I need different solutions.

    Is there any other way to get sound out of this thing without having to spend more money?

    And if I do, are there any other external cards I can buy (since I don't think I can replace mine in this old of a laptop) for a cheap price? I've already searched around, and pretty much all of them exceed my system's specs anyway. So any solutions?

    Latitude CPi R400GT
    Pentium II PE
    400 Mhz
    128 MD SDRam

    USB1 Controller Slot


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    Oh, and let me give you the link of the only driver I could find that fits that soundcard.

    Then, while installing w/ the Win98SE cd intact, it asks for:
    ...which is not on my computer, win98se disc, or the internet... any help? If I skip this, the driver doesn't seem to work once it's done.

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    Looks like you are trying to install a WinME driver.
    The file "Nm6wdm.sys" is in the "" file on the WinME CD.
    Find the file listed here

    I once had a similar situation to this.
    Installing a driver and it needed a file from one of the Win98SE cabinet files, and couldn't find it.
    The reason it couldn't find it was because I had [in error] given the wizard the Win98 1st edition files instead.
    I had installed Windows [98SE] from a partition on my HDD, and then replaced those with 98 1st Ed [OOPS!]

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