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Thread: Front Connection Panel.

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    Front Connection Panel.

    I have a panel on my case for front side usb and audio. I have connected all the internal leads but there is one which i can't find a socket which is the right size.

    1: This is the shape of the plug.
    2: I think this is the associated logo.

    First can someone help me with the name of this plug and secondly where to plug it in.

    All help appreciated.


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    It looks like Firewire. If your motherboard does not have anything to connect it to and you do have firewire devices, just get an add on card. If you don't have a firewire device don't bother with it.

    Usb-2 is better anyway.
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    Thanks, Yeah i won't bother as firewire transfer is slower than USB and i allready have firewire on the back of the computer.


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    Speed 400 versus 480 (firewire versus usb2). Other comparisons at
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