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Thread: ibm motherboard f-panel connections

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    ibm motherboard f-panel connections

    Hey guys,
    Need a little help locating a manual for the default motherboard inside of the IBM Netvista 8305-43u Desktop PC.I have had this PC for some time but i never used the thing.The original case was damaged & i want to install in a new case i have. However i can't seem to locate a manual showing the layout of the connector pins for the front panel controls (HDD Led,Power LED,Reset button,Power Button,ect) The original case has a 1 piece connector made especially for this motherboard but it doesnt have anything on the board itself to indicate which pins are for the power switch, Reset, ect.
    So if anyone happens to know please post, Many Thanks in advance!!

    Board has this info on it
    IBM Rev 1.2
    fru pn 49p1599
    lbl pn 32p2992

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    Hi Azzey,

    Thanks but i've already trawled these docs looking for the motherboard f-panel pin layout. All that is given is on page 31 which doesnt specify which individual pins are to be used.

    The following illustration shows the locations of parts on the system board.
    1 Microprocessor 9 Battery
    2 DIMM connector 1 10Clear CMOS/Recovery jumper
    3 DIMM connector 2 11SCSI LED connector
    4 Power connector 12PCI slots
    5 Diskette drive connector 13Front panel audio connector
    6 Primary IDE connector 14CD-ROM audio connector
    7 Front panel connector 15AGP slot (some models)
    8 Secondary IDE connector 16Serial connector

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    god damn IBM

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    IBM Board Pinout

    This was the pinout for my IBM - FRU 49P1602 from NetVista 8305. Found through T&E and not through docs.

    Pin 1 Power Sw +
    Pin 2 Power Sw -
    Pin 3 Reset Sw +
    Pin 4 Reset Sw -
    Pin 5 Power LED -
    Pin 6 Power LED +
    Pin 7 HDD LED +
    Pin 8 HDD LED -

    Good luck.

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    Audio front panel pinout...

    Hi there...

    I have a simmilar problem with same motherboard, but it is with Audio Front Panel... I can see the connector, but I could not find pinout anywhere. Any help on this one would be appreciated...



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    Lightbulb Pin-out for IBM NetVista 8305 - FRU 49P1599 Mainboard from GIGABYTE GA-8IGMIU Rev 1.1

    This was the pin-out for my IBM NetVista 8305 - FRU 49P1599 Mainboard from GIGABYTE GA-8IGMIU Rev 1.1.

    This was viewed from the left <== pin 8th . . . . . . pin 1st ==> to the right of "F_PANEL2 ATX Connector"

    (This connector was located below the red one connector of "IDE 1 ATX Connector") :

    • Pin 8 --> Power Switch

    • Pin 7 --> Power Switch

    • Pin 6 --> Reset Switch

    • Pin 5 --> Reset Switch

    • Pin 4 --> Power LED, Polarity (-)

    • Pin 3 --> Power LED, Polarity (+)

    • Pin 2 --> HDD LED, Polarity (+)

    • Pin 1 --> HDD LED, Polarity (-)

    Good Luck and may God Bless All of You.

    Best Regards,

    Claudius Erwin Mulialim

    ~~~ ~~~

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    Welcome to the boards here. I don't know if you are aware that this thread is five years old but thanks anyway for the information.
    Take nice care of yourselves - Paul - ♪ -
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    Nice information. Thanks

  10. hey thanks for the great information...I had a similar problem which got resolved when I found this thread in google...thanks again
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    Thumbs up Old is Gold...

    Knowledge is never old but changes into GOLD.
    Just enrolled to say, Thanks.
    But the front side Audio connector information is still awaited ....

    Good Luck and may God Bless All of Us.
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    Question need drive

    [QUOTE=takaway;308017]Hey guys,
    Need a little help
    i need vga and lan drive for Board (use windows xp) has this info on
    IBM Rev 1.2
    fru pn 49p1599
    thank you
    can help me
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    hi friends

    hi friends i have this motherboard and i have problem.i open the computer and it start but it not open my monitor and dont read the hard disk i need help pls

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    Thank you for help

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank you for help

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