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Thread: system keeps restarting!!!!!1

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    system keeps restarting!!!!!1

    hi all, got a 120 gig harddrive, it also has changeable harddrives for the kids. works perfectly.
    Well, it did. untill the 3rd of december 2006, when it suddenly stopped working.
    it gets to the windows xp loading screen, the restarts.
    if anybody can help, need it urgently, has important work on.

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    Use the kid's one to boot with, have the other one as slave. Burn your files to cd, dvd, or use pen drive, external hdd, etc
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    elegrasp reply

    thanks, i will try it!!!

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    no, it diddnt work, got a problem, it said: master hdd error or something.

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    Hhhhhhhhheeeeeeeellllllllllllppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

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    You'll have to post more specific details/ specs of your system and how it is configured. Full specs of pc as to hardware, os

    Do you have a dual-boot situation involving 1 harddrive? 2 harddrives? Do you remove yours and insert theirs normally?

    How did you try to boot to theirs in an attempt to recover yours?
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    i dont know the spec, but the other harddrive works.
    is there any way to save the work on the other drive????

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    1. You could make image backups of at least C: [I'm assuming you don't already have some]
    I can give you links to image backup prog's, but...

    Save them to what?
    What do you have?
    A single internal HDD?
    With how many partitions?
    Have you any utilities in your "Tool Box" that would give you such info?
    Or do you have an external USB HDD?
    Or an optical burner? [DVD or CD]
    If your only option is slaving the drive [I'll call it HDD1 in PC1], to the Master [HDD2 in PC2], then we'll need to try to get that to work.
    If I were you I'd buy an external USB2 connected HDD and an imaging prog that [works outside of Windows and] makes/restores image backups to/from USB "devices". [I've already done it and it's great, so can recommend it]

    2. After making the backups, you could try hitting F8 and choosing "Last Known Good Configuration", or "Safe Mode"?

    3. Then you could try...
    XP's No-Reformat, Nondestructive Total-Rebuild Option.

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