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Thread: E4300 oc problem

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    E4300 oc problem

    hi all you clever cpu wizards out there, i have a slight problem here. After reading quite a few threads about the E4300's OC ability, i decided to buy one to play around with it. The mobo is DFI P965-s, ocz ddr2 800 ram 1gb x 2 and a xion 600w psu.

    at first i got the cpu to run 266mhz without a problem, no voltage change, nothing... after that the pc starts getting unstable, so i upped the voltage for the cpu and ram and tried it again. CPU runs 300mhz reluctantly, but after more voltage for the cpu, ram and NB, the CPU finally settles at 333Mhz without too much hassle. My aim is 400mhz which will give me a speed of 3.6ghz (400 x 9) but i am having problem with pc booting up at 400mhz. Nothing responds, a black screen indicates that the cpu doesnt like that fsb setting.

    HELP!!!! what am i doing wrong here??

    CPU ~ 334mhz x 9.0 = 3ghz ~ 1.440v
    RAM ~ 835Mhz ~ 2.1v

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    Did you lock your voltages on your other devices? i.e. PCI bus, PCI-E/AGP bus.
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    No OC'ing here. It belongs in the Performance SIF section of the forums.

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