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Thread: no highspeed usb

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    no highspeed usb

    Motherboard is ECS p4vxms.
    downloaded all drivers from ecs. sound : 4 in 1:
    I can't get usb ports to run at 2.0.
    any ideas.

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    are the usb devices you are using 2.0 compatible?
    Did you install the chipset drivers?
    There's not much more you can do... any hardware that predates usb 2.0 should probably be put out of its misery.
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    What OS? XP did not include drivers for USB2 until SP2 (possibly SP1 as well but you get the drift).

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    Thank you,
    I thought that may be it. Processor is p4 423 so MB is old.

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    your existing USB hardware is USB 1.1...
    To find out...
    Look in Device Manager for USB Enhanced Host Controller, and beneath it [when devices are displayed "By Connection" and the tree expanded] USB 2.0 Root Hub, and if they are not there...
    You could fit a low cost PCI to USB 2.0 card.

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