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Thread: Problems with SATA HD

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    Problems with SATA HD

    So I've read the other posts here, but haven't been able to find an answer to my problem:

    I just got a western digital 500G SATA HD, internal. I hooked up the cables, turned on my PC, and found it unrecognized by Windows XP.
    After further investigation I found that the drive IS recognized by Device Manager, but not by My Computer.
    I saw what others had said about formatting the drive, or partitioning it, but I can't seem to figure out how to do so!

    Help, anyone, please??

    ...Also, the new SATA HD was OEM, so I have no manuals or anything like that...

    THANK YOU!!!


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    Is the drive jumpered correctly? Look up the model # on its manufacturer's site.
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    I got it!

    The drive doesn't require jumping, according to the western digital website. It's a plug n play drive, and just hooks into one of the 6 SATA connections on my motherboard.

    I finally figured out how to format it using the diskmgmt.msc tool in the 'Run' box, and it is now formatting away!

    ...Next come the fun part of installing XP, transferring all the data from my old HD and wiping it, and all that. Thanks all!!


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    Question Problems Installing XP. HELP?!?

    So I've been thinking my hard drive is about to die. It's a roughly 7 yr old 80G IDE drive that moves really slow, so I decided to replace it recently and bought a 500G SATA drive.
    I hooked the SATA drive up to one of my new motherboard's 6 SATA connectors and to the power supply, turned the PC on, initialized the drive and checked to see that it works properly(it did), put the XP cd in my dvd drive, and restarted the system.
    When prompted to boot fromthe cd I did, and let it run through the setup process, only to get a blue screen error before XP could ever really start installing.

    Since then, I've tried resetting the boot priority, and the hard-disk priority, in my BIOS, tried unplugging the old hard drive so XP couldn't install itself on that one, and still I get this blue-screen error every time I try to install XP.

    I also don't want to just transfer my files and settings en masse from one drive to the other. There are things I want, but there's a lot of crap and adware/spyware on my old drive, due to which I'd rather start with a fresh OS and build from there, transferring only the files I need.

    Without my having the error message numbers, I don't know if anyone will be able to offer any help, but wanted to put it out there. It's the same message every time, but so far as I can tell all my drivers are up to date, and there's PLENTY of room on my 500G drive. I'm frickin stumped!

    Thanks for reading...


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    Try removing the IDE drive so that there is only one drive in the system. Then go into the BIOS and ensure the SATA is using IDE emulation. Then retry setup.

    If that fails repeat but wipe the drive with a utility or delete all partitions with BiNG or similar or do it from Disk Management while still booting to your old hard drive.

    I know you had problems initialising the new drive but the cleanest way to install XP is to a completely unpartitioned drive.

    The most common problem with installing to SATA drives on modern systems is that they need to be provided with the F6 drivers at the start of setup or need to be using IDE emulation within the BIOS.
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    How does one set up this IDE emulation in the BIOS?

    I'm going to look around a little in there, but I'm feeling totally out of my depth!

    Thanks a lot

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    See your other don't need two of these going for essentially the same problem. I'm going to lock this one...
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