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Thread: Compaq Presario C300 Major Problem - Help Needed!

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    Compaq Presario C300 Major Problem - Help Needed!

    Hi all, brand new here so hope I have the right part of the forum....

    I have a Compaq Presario C300 Laptop, have it about 2 years and it has
    been working great.

    had no issues til the other day when I switched it on after work and it refused to load windows. Never had this problem before.

    Basically I have a black and white text screen which offers me:
    safe mode
    safe mode with networking
    safe mode with command prompt

    Last known good config (your most recent settings that worked)

    Start Windows Normally

    If I click on the first three I get a rolling text which just freezes eventually,

    If i click on the last known OR start windows normally, it starts to boot
    and I get the Microsoft Windows Xp and loading graphic for a couple of minutes then the Escape to change boot order, F10 to enter setup, F12 to boot from LAN and for appears in the bottom left corner.

    It will not go any further than this!

    When I hit start in safe mode...

    I get a quick rolling text across the whole screen, line after line of this.....

    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS\system 32\DRIVERS\a liiide.sys

    The same line with \pmcia.sys

    etc etc etc there are about 15 to 20 more lines of this which fill the screen. After a minute or two that screen disappears
    and I'm back to square one.....

    "We apologise for the inconvenience Windows

    SAFE MODE WITH Networking
    Safe Mode with Command Prompt
    (Clicking on any of these 3 options does the same as above, that rolling text and then eventually back to this screen)

    Last known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)

    Start Windows Normally

    (Clicking on either of the above = same result, windows looks to start, but then stops
    and goes back to this screen)

    If I try these options as I wrote above it launches the windows start up and you get the blue dots going left to right, the normal windows XP loading graphic, then I get the options in the bottom left corner of:
    Press Escape to change boot order, Press F10 to enter setup, F12 to boot from LAN

    Escape takes me back to the safe mode option screen.

    I can press F10 and it takes me into the blue screen menu
    with the option Tabs of:

    Main, Security system configuration, Diagnostics, Exit.

    There is an option under Diagnostics to run a Primary Hard Disk Self Test
    It says estimated test time 57 minutes and Test Status underneath that.

    When I click Enter on this, it says it will take approx 57 minutes, I hit enter and it starts to run
    ("Test Executing - press esc to cancel) it starts to runthen stops after a minute or so and says
    #1 - 07 Fail underneath.

    Under configuration I have these options:

    Embedded WLAN Device Radio - Enable / Disable
    SATA Native Support - Enable/ Disable
    >Boot Options>
    >>F10 and F12 Delay (secs)
    Cd-Rom Boot - Enable / Disable
    Floppy Boot - Enable/ Disable
    Internal Network Adapter Boot (enable / disable)#

    These are all set to enable.

    (The laptop wasn't physically damaged or dropped.)

    Is my hdd knackered? I was advised to get an XP install disc and do a repair of the installation. Would this be a good idea?

    If I need to replace the hdd where can I get one and any idea how much it will cost or how long it might take? Am based in ireland.

    Many thanks!

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    My problem actually seems to be very like this user's:

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    Aug 2003
    Northern California
    My guess is the HDD is the problem.
    You could also use a Linux live CD to see if the mainboard functions properly before going down the HDD replacement road. Set the laptop to boot to optical drive then boot it up. If it gets Linux running the mainboard is likely ok.

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    Mar 2002
    west Lothian, Scotland.
    1. If you were to make some version [there are many that each is different in various ways] of a Puppy Linux live optical disk, then...

    (a) You would have a small, FAST, working [Linux] operating system that [from the users' perspective] works in a similar way to Windows, and has no need to make use of the HDD.
    To save configuration changes, and install additional program packages you'd need to use SOME storage location, not necessarily the HDD.
    e.g. See this thread for Puppy 4.31.1.
    Here's the link for the retro version ISO file.
    If asked:
    Username = puppy
    Password = linux
    Supply twice if needed.

    (b) Would get you connected to the web.

    (c) The fact that Puppy was working without any sign of problems would suggest there's no hardware problem [HDD not included].

    (d) You could use various features/programs to check out your hardware and software.

    2. Scan your Windows partition for viruses:
    Good idea to make sure the Windows partition is uninfected before any attempt to manipulate the folder file contents.
    (a) xfprot [or clamav] is either installed or included in the Puppy Package Manager [PPM].

    (b) I installed, use within Puppy, and like the Avast! Antivirus, FREE for personal use, on-demand scanner.

    3. You might install and run GSmartControl within a Puppy to check the health of your HDD.

    4. You might then attempt a non-destructive repair of Windows.

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