How are you.

I meet a trouble about the development of device driver for window2000.
My kit is NTDDK for window2000.
I am programming for ISA adpater. The I/O port region is 0xA000 to 0xA7ff.
I want to read and write the I/O ports. I build the example of
\ntddk\src\general\portio ,it is ok. so I try to edit the .INF file,
from " IOConfig=300-303(3FF: " to " IOConfig=A000-A7ff(FFFF: " .

But, It is not right. the error message is resource conflict. I try to research the resource allocation table in "computer manager" and do not find any device used the I/O port resource.

Before, I code for it in NT4.0 by same way. It is ok.

How to do in window2000? I hope your help.

please email to me :