Finding The Best Quiet Keyboard For 2021

If you’re using a traditional PC over a smartphone, chances are one of the reasons is related to tactile feedback. Typing on a phone simply doesn’t compare to a real, physical keyboard, especially for those of us who took typing classes or simply have the muscle memory built. The problem with many traditional keyboards, though, … Read more

What Do You Need To Start Playing Esports

When it comes to video games most people take it as far as a beloved hobby and leave it there. Sure, there are some incredible home gaming setups out there, and even some dedicated casual gamers who produce some incredible videos – but there is only one place to take your gaming skills if you … Read more

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboard in 2021

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards

On the face of it, a budget mechanical keyboard may seem a little hard to find due to the cost and premium nature of the mechanical switches, materials used, and the tech that goes into them. Thankfully, now mechanical keyboards have become increasingly popular, one can only assume manufacturing costs have been reduced, enabling well-known … Read more

Best gaming keypad in 2021

So you think you have finished building your ultimate gaming PC. The internal specs are insane. Your GPU eats 4K ultra mode for breakfast then comes back for seconds. Your monitor is shiny, and you have got yourself a great mouse and keyboard combo, turned it all on, and it all works perfectly. But you … Read more