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Accumulating knowledge through years of gaming, as well as experience in sales, Tomas Watkins is a tech writer and enthusiast currently working with PC Guide.

First Class Degree in Music from The University of Manchester
Audio and TV salesman at John Lewis Cribbs Causeway

Beginning with racing games at an early age, Tomas grew up around video games and tech. He moved through Xbox 360 to the point where he decided to delve into the world of PC gaming. From there he became more and more focused on online competitive games, building custom PCs to make sure that he could squeeze every last frame out of the online arenas of CS:GO and Rocket League.

His extensive knowledge of tech took him to a sales role within John Lewis. Here he was the resident expert, mainly focusing on audio equipment and computers, but helping out when it came to TVs and smartphones as well. This role helped him to acquire a more complete knowledge of how the tech market works.

Through his Music Degree at the University of Manchester, he aimed to combine his computer prowess with his love for music and art. He completed many projects revolving around creative and generative coding with software such as Max MSP. He also built and designed the audio for multiple video games using Unreal Engine 5.

Now, he shares all of this experience and expertise through his writings for

First Class Degree in Music from The University of Manchester
A Levels, North Bristol Post 16
GCSEs, Redland Green School

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