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AMD Ryzen 8040U mobile APUs – what you need to know

What can we expect from the 8040U lineup?
Last Updated on December 12, 2023
AMD Ryzen 8040U mobile APUs. Image shows the text "AMD Ryzen 8040U mobile APUs" underneath the AMD Ryzen logo on a white background.
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The tech community is buzzing with excitement over the newest breakthrough in portable computing: the AMD Ryzen 8040 U mobile APUs. This guide aims to demystify everything about these cutting-edge processors, which are set to revolutionize laptop and notebook performance. We dive deep into the core of AMD’s announcement regarding the Ryzen 8040U mobile APU lineup, shedding light on these processors’ capabilities.

The 8040 family brings two distinct members forward – the 8040HS, and the one we’re focusing on here, the 8040U. Unlike the higher-end HS launch, the U lineup of mobile APUs are entry-level chips with a lower TDP designed to power light notebooks and tablets. Anticipated to bring an unparalleled surge in power, these APUs are meticulously engineered to meet the escalating needs for more robust computing prowess in compact devices.

AMD Ryzen 8040u mobile APUs: expected release date

The Ryzen 8040 is a new series of processors from AMD to act as the successor to this year’s ‘Phoenix’ mobile chips. As is in their name, they’re the first mobile chips getting the latest Zen 4 silicon (TSMC 4 nm process), as well as RDNA 3. The anticipated debut of the Ryzen 8040 mobile series is slated for the first quarter of 2024. This launch window positions the series for an early-year release, sparking enthusiasm among tech aficionados and professionals eager for the newest innovations in mobile computing.

Expectations are mounting for a more comprehensive revelation from AMD, which is likely to occur around or at the CES 2024 event. Scheduled from January 9th to 12th in Las Vegas, the CES presents an ideal platform for AMD to disclose further specifics about the Ryzen 8040u series, captivating a worldwide audience.

The anticipation for the CES 2024 announcement adds to the excitement, as it may reveal further insights into the capabilities and potential applications of these processors. With the expected launch in Q1 of 2024, the Ryzen 8040U series is poised to set new benchmarks in the mobile computing industry, and bring optimization and power to lower-end devices.

AMD Ryzen 8040U mobile APUs: expected performance

The AMD Ryzen 8040 Mobile APUs are set to be a game-changer in the realm of mobile computing, especially with the Ryzen 9 8945HS processor leading the charge. AMD’s recent announcement heralds significant leaps in performance, promising users up to a 64% enhancement in video editing speed and a 37% increase in 3D rendering capabilities.

Gamers, in particular, can look forward to a remarkable 77% boost in gaming performance. These improvements mark a significant step towards narrowing the performance gap between portable devices and desktop PCs.

Representing a new epoch in mobile computing, the Ryzen 8040U Series is engineered for stability and power, mirroring desktop-grade performance in a portable package. This progress is vital in the current technological landscape, which places a premium on efficiency and high performance, especially in mobile and movable forms.

Dubbed Hawk Point, the Ryzen 8040U Series is a step up from the preceding Phoenix 7040 series, emphasizing strong portable performance. A notable innovation is the Ryzen AI XDNA NPU (Neural Processing Unit), created by Xilinx, featured in seven out of the nine SKUs, highlighting AMD’s commitment to boosting AI capabilities in mobile computing.

With the introduction of the new Llama 2 and Vision models, AMD anticipates a 1.4x performance enhancement over the Ryzen 7040 series chips. This improvement is evident not only in raw power but also in AI processing prowess. AMD’s focus on elevating AI performance in the mobile domain is set to deliver more efficient, rapid, and intelligent computing experiences for users on the go.

AMD Ryzen 8040U mobile APUs: expected specs

The AMD Ryzen 8040U mobile APUs herald a groundbreaking shift in laptop performance and efficiency. With the upcoming release of the AMD 8040HS and 8040U series, AMD is committed to elevating the laptop experience, addressing the increasing demands of a rapidly expanding market.

The Ryzen 8040U series is characterized by a range of models designed to cater to various needs:

ModelAMD Ryzen 7 8840UAMD Ryzen 5 8640UAMD Ryzen 5 8540UAMD Ryzen 3 8440U
Cores / Threads8C/16T6C/12T6C/12T4C/8T
Boost / Base FrequencyUp to 5.1 GHz / 3.3 GHzUp to 4.9 GHz / 3.5 GHzUp to 4.9 GHz / 3.2 GHzUp to 4.7 GHz / 3.0 GHz
Total Cache24MB22MB22MB12MB
8040U processors specs table

Specifically, the 8040U series is tailored for ultra-slim, lower-powered notebooks. It boasts a 30W TDP at its peak, ensuring laptops maintain a slender profile while effectively managing heat. AMD’s focus on reduced TDP represents a strategic effort to improve user experience in the realm of portable computing.

A pivotal aspect of the Ryzen 8040U series is its expanded array of on-chip Ryzen AI-enabled NPUs, surpassing its predecessors. This development underscores AMD’s dedication to incorporating AI functionalities into their chips, boosting inferencing capabilities and overall performance.

The strategy behind the Ryzen 8040U series is comprehensive, prioritizing not only sheer power but also efficiency and user experience. The low TDP and emphasis on AI-enhanced features mirror AMD’s goal of providing a seamless and potent laptop computing experience. These specifications are a testament to AMD’s vision of redefining user expectations for laptops, offering a harmonious blend of performance and convenience that meets the evolving requirements of modern laptop users.

✓ Marla’s thoughts

What laptops will use the 8040U processor?

Naturally, we haven’t seen the official launch of the 8040U line of processors yet, so we can’t confirm any specific models that make use of the chip. However, AMD has made it known that the processor will be used by various high-end brands, including the likes of ACER, ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Razer.

Conclusion: AMD Ryzen 8040U mobile APUs

As we await the launch of AMD‘s Ryzen 8040U Mobile APUs, the series presents itself as more than a mere refresh; it’s poised to redefine mobile computing with its significant performance enhancements. While the early glimpses are promising, a thorough evaluation will hinge on more detailed information and real-world performance.

For now, the tech world watches with high expectations, ready to see how this series will impact the ever-evolving landscape of mobile series APUs. The Ryzen 8040U stands at the precipice of setting new benchmarks in low-end portable computing, and we remain keenly observant, anticipating its potential to transform the laptop experience.

Are Ryzen mobile processors unlocked?

No, typically Ryzen mobile processors are not unlocked. Mobile processors, including the Ryzen 8040U series, are usually locked to ensure optimal power efficiency and thermal management within the confined space of laptops. This means users cannot overclock them like some desktop CPUs.

Are APU good for gaming?

Yes, APUs can be good for gaming, especially if you’re dealing with graphics-intensive tasks. APUs, which combine a CPU and a GPU on a single chip, offer balanced performance in a compact package. For the Ryzen 8040uU mobile series, the integration of enhanced AI capabilities and advanced architectural design makes them well-suited for gaming and video editing. They provide a viable option for users seeking a balance between performance and efficiency in laptops.

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