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A 16-inch gaming laptop with 13th gen Intel CPU & RTX 4060 graphics for under $1,000, tell me more

If you're in the market for a powerful 16" gaming laptop, look no further.
Last Updated on April 10, 2024
16-inch gaming laptop displaying a fantasy battle scene wallpaper on a yellow background.
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Save $300 on this 16-inch gaming laptop now
  • A gaming laptop displaying an Auto Draft of a fantasy character action scene with vibrant graphics.
  • Gaming laptop with colorful keyboard backlighting displaying fantasy artwork on screen, featuring an HP OMEN 165Hz Full HD display.
  • Black HP OMEN gaming laptop partially opened, showcasing backlit keyboard and brand logo.
  • A 16.1-inch HP OMEN gaming laptop with dimensions labeled, showing width, depth, and height, featuring a backlit keyboard.
  • CPU: Intel 13th Gen i7-13620H
  • GPU: RTX 4060
  • Size: 16.1″
Reasons to Buy
  • The HP Omen is nice incredibly well priced, falling below $1,000, respectively
  • Powerful GPU that should product high frame rates in a variety of games
  • Decent sized 16″ screen size for immersive gameplay on the go
Reasons to Avoid
  • Possibly too large for some individuals who want a more bespoke unit
  • No ideal for people looking for a 4K gaming machine

For many, a 14-inch gaming laptop poses the perfect balance between price and performance when it comes to gaming on the go. But what if you wanted a more immersive 16-inch gaming experience? Luckily, there are a tonne of exciting 16-inch laptop deals on offer right now, and one of the best we’ve found is the ever-popular HP Omen – which currently retails for under $1,000.

Right now, you can pick the HP Omen 16-inch RTX 4060 gaming laptop up for $999 at Best Buy. That’s $300 off the asking price of this laptop – which, if truth be told, is already quite reasonable. Of course, that includes an RTX 4060 laptop, Intel’s 13th Gen i7-13620H, and 16GB of RAM.

As you’d expect, the GPU is the highlight of this laptop’s internal makeup, delivering excellent 1080p gaming. In most lesser-demanding titles, we’d expect the laptop to easily reach 165 frames per second, allowing users to enjoy a smooth, tear-free experience thanks to its 165Hz refresh rate.

The positives don’t end there either, with the HP Omen 16″ laptop featuring Intel’s powerful 13th Gen i7-13620H – which should offer more than enough processing power for both gaming and everyday tasks. The 10-core design should allow for some robust multi-tasking workflows, but nothing too strenuous. It features a 4.9GHz boost clock speed which should be more than enough power to crunch through a variety of intensive tasks.

The display is a little less desirable but still good enough for most budding gamers and everyday users. It features a full HD 1080p display, alongside a 165Hz which puts it directly in the gaming spectrum. As you’d expect from a gaming laptop, 165Hz offers smooth and crisp gameplay, especially if you’re playing titles that allow framerates to reach similar numbers.

Where to buy the RTX 4060 gaming laptop from HP

If you’;re interesting in the HP Omen 16″ laptop, then you’re in luck, as multiple retailers currently stock the product. That being said, the best place to buy it would be Best Buy, who are currently reducing its price from $1,299 to $999.

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