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Cyber Monday headset deals in 2023

All the best headset deals this Cyber Monday, right here
Last Updated on November 27, 2023
Cyber Monday headset Deals
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If you are looking for the best Cyber Monday headset deals, then we have you covered right here.

Cyber Monday is now live, and as always, there will be a sale on electronics, including headsets. We have rounded up some of the top offers available right now. Plus, we will be updating this page with new discounts as they begin pouring in today for Cyber Monday – so stay tuned for more.

Whether it’s for gaming, music, Zoom meetings, or general use, headsets are usually an investment. A good headset will give you comfortable wear, superior sound quality, and durability. If you browse headsets online, you will find different styles – on-ear, over-ear, in-ear, etc. Plus, you can also look for additional features like noise isolation, noise cancelation, surround sound, and more.

To help you get the best possible deals on Cyber Monday, we have rounded up some of the top offers available. We will be updating this page frequently with newer deals, so stay tuned.

Best Cyber Monday headset deals

In this section, we have picked out some of the best headset deals available at the moment. We are updating this list as and when new deals arrive, so keep checking for more –

US US Deals
UK UK Deals
Canada Canada Deals
Editor’s pick
Save 33% NOW!

Sennheiser Consumer Audio HD 660S2

Wired Audiophile Stereo Headphones with Deep Sub Bass, Optimized Surround, Transducer Airflow, Vented Magnet System and Voice Coil – Black
Editor’s pick
Save 17% NOW!

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7P Wireless Multi-System Gaming & Mobile Headset – White

Nova Acoustic System – 2.4GHz & Simultaneous Bluetooth – 38Hr Battery – USB-C – Gen2 Mic – PlayStation, PC, Switch – White
Editor’s pick
Save 24% NOW!

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset + Base Station Gen 4

Compatible With PS5, PS4, PC, Mac – Black/Silver
Editor’s pick
Save 18% NOW!

Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM5 The Best Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones with Auto Noise Canceling Optimizer, Crystal Clear Hands-Free Calling, and Alexa Voice Control, Midnight Blue
Editor’s pick
Save 18% NOW!

Apple AirPods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Apple AirPods Max Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency Mode, Personalized Spatial Audio, Dolby Atmos, Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone – Silver
Editor’s pick
Save 50% NOW!

JBL Tune 710BT Wireless Over-Ear – Bluetooth Headphones

with Microphone, 50H Battery, Hands-Free Calls, Portable (Black), Medium
Editor’s pick
Save 33% NOW!

Razer Kaira X Wired Headset – White

for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, Mac & Mobile Devices: TriForce 50mm Drivers – HyperClear Cardioid Mic – Flowknit Memory Foam Ear Cushions – On-Headset Controls

Where to find the best headset Cyber Monday deals?

The best way to get Cyber Monday deals on headsets is to visit popular retailer websites like Amazon, Best Buy, and other websites. However, since Cyber Monday is all about tech, you can also check out websites that specialize in selling electronics. Further, for headsets, you can also scan websites that sell audio equipment.

Headset Cyber Monday shortlist

When will headset Cyber Monday sales start in 2023?

Cyber Monday deals have gone live, so you will find deals on headsets on this day. However, much like other products, headsets, too, will likely get discounts on Black Friday, and the offers mostly remain the same on the following Monday. So, if you’ve been eyeing a particular deal, we suggest you snag it, if the discount is good for you. Additionally, we will be keeping this page updated with new deals are they roll in during the tech sales event.

How to get the best Cyber Monday headset deals in 2023?

The best thing to do is research the headset you want and set your budget so you know which models to look at. Work out which features are indispensable, and then make a shortlist of those that fit your budget. Once you’re forearmed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to spot genuinely good deals and buy quickly. If you’re lucky, an otherwise too-expensive headset will fall in your price range via a great Cyber Monday deal.

Further, if you have shortlisted a few products, you can track their price history and compare them before buying. You can easily do this through The Camelizer and Honey, two browser extensions that give you real-time data on the fluctuating pricing histories of many models.

Features to consider when looking for a Cyber Monday headset deals

To get the best headset for you, you can check out the following considerations –

  • Style and fit – Think about what kind of headset you want. On-ear/over-ear headsets can have good sound insulation and long microphone booms. Earbud-style headsets are smaller and lighter but might be less secure in your ear.
  • Connection type – decide if you want a wired or wireless connection. For example, Wireless headsets provide more freedom of movement and convenience but need charging. Wired headsets can connect to lots of devices, such as PCs, but then you’re tethered to the device.
  • Active noise canceling (ANC) – ANC headphones are becoming cheaper and can provide good insulation from ambient noise, making conversations easier to hear. For reference, you can check out the best ANC headsets.

Do I need active noise cancellation (ANC) in my headset?

Your budget partly determines this, but also the level of quiet you want or need. Some headsets provide good passive attenuation of ambient noise without the need for electronic wizardry. However, ANC can quieten things even further, so it depends on how much noise attenuation you need. Try both types of headsets to see which one suits you best.

Is Cyber Monday the best time to buy a headset?

Cyber Monday is a great time to buy if you see a deal that you know is genuinely good. Even better, you might even see earlier deals thanks to the Black Friday sales.

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