Now might be the best time to buy Crucial’s P3 Plus 4TB SSD ahead of price changes

Beat the inevitable high demand and price increase of SSDs with the Crucial P3 Plus.

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SSD price changes are on the horizon, set to make potential buyers spend far more than usual. The cause of this, stems from the manufacturing aspect, with NAND flash memory shortages and increased prices.

While there is no official word on when SSD price hikes will come into effect, speculation suggests higher capacity SSDs will bear the brunt. Prices around these SSDs are already hefty, which could see the inevitable changes effect this drastically.

HDDs that are now much cheaper than SSDs and less sought after, may come into consideration for some in the aftermath. They may not be ideal for gaming or loading Windows, but they can play a vital role in storing a plethora of large files for users.

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Crucial P3 Plus 4TB PCIe Gen4 3D NAND NVMe M.2 SSD

up to 5000MB/s – CT4000P3PSSD8

Since acquiring an SSD mostly delves into the matter of speed increases in loading and file transfers, they will continue to remain a high priority for gamers on consoles and PCs. This is essential since a variety of AAA games require SSDs to function, meaning the demand is only set to increase after the upcoming changes.

Even though deals on pre-built gaming PCs can be quite generous, there is no doubt that some will also see price increases, depending on the SSDs included. This won’t be too much of a major concern for PS5 owners if the storage space available is good enough.

What SSD should you buy before the price increases?

As aforementioned, expensive prices could start to hit the market sooner than later, so now will be the best time to act. In this case, one of the standout SSDs that could alleviate any need for future upgrades is the Crucial P3 Plus 4TB Gen4 SSD, now on sale on Amazon.

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Crucial P3 Plus 4TB PCIe Gen4 3D NAND NVMe M.2 SSD

up to 5000MB/s – CT4000P3PSSD8
Reasons to Buy
  • 4TB storage capacity is enough to store a plethora of games and files
  • 5000MB/s read speeds
  • $100.50 off original price
  • Cheap and affordable compared to future pricing
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not compatible with handhelds without 2230 adapter

4TB of storage space with high speeds may be enough to keep most gamers and casual users satisfied. As mentioned, SSDs as such will more than likely be more sought after, so this would be the best time to beat the queue before time is up.

Best SSD deals

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Crucial T500 1TB Gen4 NVMe M.2 Internal Gaming SSD

with Heatsink, Up to 7300MB/s, Playstation 5 Compatible + 1mo Adobe CC All Apps- CT1000T500SSD5
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SAMSUNG 980 PRO SSD with Heatsink 1TB PCIe Gen 4 NVMe M.2 Internal Solid State Drive

Heat Control, Max Speed, PS5 Compatible (MZ-V8P1T0CW)
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Corsair 2TB M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD for PS5

Up to 7,100MB/s Read & 5,800MB/s Write Speeds
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Crucial T700 1TB Gen5 NVMe M.2 SSD with heatsink

Up to 11,700 MB/s – DirectStorage Enabled – CT1000T700SSD5 – Gaming, Photography, Video Editing & Design – Internal Solid State Drive
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Western Digital 1TB WD Blue SA510 SATA Internal Solid State Drive SSD

SATA III 6 Gb/s, 2.5″/7mm, Up to 560 MB/s – WDS100T3B0A

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