Samsung launches unmissable “Free 65-inch TV deal” with 2024 OLED & QLED pre orders

Samsung's latest free TV giveaway is one to remember

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Samsung has officially unveiled its new 2024 QLED and OLED TV lineup, and to celebrate the occasion, the tech-leading brand is offering up one of the best TV deals we’ve seen all year. For a limited time only, users who pre order one of the new Samsung TVs will get an entirely free 65-inch TV to go with that. That’s right, you didn’t misread, Samsung will be giving early adopters of its new 2024 TVs a Samsung 65-inch TU690T display for no extra cost!

According to sources, the time limited deal is set to run between March 21st and April 11th, giving you around 3 weeks to snap up this excellent deal. The free TV that comes with pre orders is currently retailing for $479 on Best Buy ($529 on Samsung), making it a worthy investment if you’re in the market for a new home theatre centrepiece.

For individuals opting to buy directly through Samsung, the brand says that the deal will be available on any new Samsung TV, including the following:

Amazon will be offering a similar bundle on the same range:

A promotional image for a tv pre-order deal offering an additional free tv with purchase.
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Get a free TV when you pre order a new 2024 Samsung TV

The deal caught our attention almost immediately, as you don’t often see TV deals come with an additional TV for free. It’s an interesting promotion and one that I assume will do quite well – especially for families looking to treat their kids or wanting to kit out a second room.

While this all sounds great, it’s worth mentioning that Samsung’s new TV lineup is eye-wateringly expensive. The brand’s entry-level OLED TV, if you can call it that, will start from around $2,500 – putting it well above that of the LG C4 which recently launched.

The brand’s 8K lineup will start from around $6,000 – no surprises there – and its flagship OLED set will be around $3,000 for the 55-inch.

Despite this being the case, it’s hard to argue with this cool little offer – especially if you had your eyes on one of Samsung’s new TVs anyway. For me, it’s one of the quirkiest little TV deals I’ve seen this year – and I’d enjoy seeing more of it.

Additional extras with Samsung TV pre orders

It isn’t just a free TV you get with new 2024 Samsung TV pre orders either – according to Best Buy, you’ll also receive free delivery and installation on select new Samsung TVs. Not bad. On top of that, you’ll also receive an extra $100 off the TV if you’re part of My Best Buy Plus and My Best Buy Total membership.

All-in-all, its a pretty tasty offer, especially if you opt for one of the “cheaper” variants. Better yet, there’s plenty of hype around the new Samsung TV range, with many reviewers, including Toms Guide, stating that this could be the OLED TV to beat. We’ll hold back on our thoughts until we review it ourselves, however, if the noise is to be believed, it looks like it’ll be one of the best OLED TVs in 2024.

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