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How To Know If Someone Has Blocked You On iMessage

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on July 15, 2024
How to know if someone has blocked you on iMessage
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iMessage is a popular messaging application that is exclusive to Apple devices. The basic purpose of this app is to let you send messages to people from your contact list. In some unfortunate cases, the recipient’s phone is not working or it has no signal. If the phone is turned off, your messages will not be displayed as delivered. However, you should also consider the fact that your contact has blocked you on iMessage. There are a couple of specific signs that appear only when someone has blocked you on iMessage. Here we will learn “How to know if someone has blocked you on iMessage”.

How to Know If Someone Has Blocked You on iMessage With 4 Simple Methods


Check the bubble color

There is a bubble that features a blue color and it appears after you sent a message to someone. This is available only when the texts are sent between two iOS devices and will not be shown for SMS. 

The bubble might be green-colored if you enabled the “Send as SMS” service on your iPhone. When this option is activated, your texts will be sent as an SMS message directly to their mobile number. If you chatted with a specific person on iMessage before and the bubble suddenly turns green, it means they already blocked you.

Because they blocked you on the iMessage app, you can no longer send texts this way. However, as you still got their phone number, you can continue to send an SMS. The recipient also has the choice of blocking your phone number completely and preventing you from making calls or sending any more SMS. 


Check for delivery notification

The state of your messages is always shown to you and they change based on the action of the recipient. This indicator informs you whether the other person received your text or not. If your message reached their phone, the “Delivered” status will appear underneath your message.

This means that your contact received the message. If they don’t have silent mode active, your text is also displayed as a notification on their lock screen. Read receipts are also available and your contact can be informed whether you received and saw their message. 

If your message features the “Sent” status instead of “Delivered”, it might be an indication that your contact blocked you. They cannot receive any texts from you and that is why your message is not delivered. 

However, there are many more reasons to consider. It is recommended to wait a few hours before making any conclusions. A lack of internet connection will also cause a similar situation.


Check the message status

This app allows users to check the status updates of each message displayed in the conversation. When you tap on the message box, it will show you exactly the time when it was sent. Further information will be displayed, such as seen and delivery status. 

When somebody blocks you, this information is no longer available. Check the status of your message by tapping on it and looking for updates. If you sent this message before they blocked you, the updates might be visible.

But if the block occurred after you sent the text, you will no longer be informed about these updates. Try and send a new message and analyze it several minutes later. If the status is not updating after some time, it means the user has blocked you.


Call Your Contact

This method is quite effective but it is up to you whether you want to try it or not. If the previous suggestions are not working for you, try to make a call and see if it goes through. When someone blocks you, the ability to make a call is not completely lost.

You can dial their number and make a call. The only difference is that your receiver will not be aware that you are ringing their phone as the call will not reach their device. If this person has blocked you, you will be able to hear a ring that will stop quickly in order to take you to the voicemail message system.


While it is an effective method to avoid being disturbed by a specific person, there will always be good and bad things about the blocking option. If you are the one that got blocked, it is unfortunate that you can no longer contact this person.

Do not jump to conclusions quickly as there are many more reasons why your messages are not getting delivered. If their phone is not connected to a cellular service, it doesn’t mean that they already blocked you. Other people want to unwind and take a break from their devices. They will turn off their iMessage directly from the settings.

All the messages that are sent to this contact will not be delivered if they activated this option. In this case, you can try and contact them in a different way such as via social media platforms or email.

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