How To Screen Record On Chromebook

With this simple tutorial, learn how you can record your screen on Chromebook for when you will need it down the line!

How to screen record on Chromebook

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Screen recording has essentially become a necessity for anyone in the education or workspace today.

It can be an incredibly useful and easy way to present some work, record a video, or even just to show an old relative how to use different apps.

Unfortunately, Chromebooks often substitute ease of use with style so while your desktop home can look neat and tidy, finding exactly where you can screen record is not always so easy especially when you need it at a moment’s notice.

To make this clearer and ensure you know how to quickly record your screen in the future, here is a step-by-step guide for how to share a video using screen record.



All modern Chromebooks have screen recording as a built-in feature, you will just need to scroll through a few menus and click on a few icons to load it up.



Quick Settings

When you arrive on the homepage of your Chromebook, there will be a small toolbar with battery life and WIFI status indicators. This is the ‘Quick Settings’ menu, click on this and a small menu will pop up.



Click Arrow

There will be an upward facing arrow in this new menu located in the top right corner, click on this.



Screen Capture

A few options will now be presented but the one you will want to click on is ‘Screen Capture’ directly in the middle.



Screen Capture Toolbar

Once you have let the Chromebook know you want to screen record, a screen capture toolbar will appear at the bottom with a few options you can pick depending on how you want to record your screen.

These options include recording in full screen, partial screen or windowed. Highlight the one you intended to be recording in.



Check Audio

Before recording it is also a good idea to click the gear icon to the far right, this is to toggle on or off microphone audio.



Adjust Screen

Next, to begin recording you will need to highlight how much of the screen you want to show.

If you simply want to record in full screen then click anywhere on your Chromebook’s display, however if you want a smaller sharing screen then you can adjust the windows size.



Click Record

Now you are ready to screen share, simply click the ‘Record’ button in the middle of your window and after a 3 second countdown, your screen will begin recording.



End Recording

To end recording, simply press the bold red circular button at the bottom in the toolbar.



How To Find Recordings

As soon as you finish your recording a notification will pop up telling you it has been saved.

Click on this to go to the ‘Downloads’ folder where all your previous recordings will be.

From here you can edit your recordings, delete them or share them with whoever you like.


And there you have it, once you know how to do it screen recording is incredibly easy to set up and use for a Chromecast and just requires a few clicks and navigating through a handful of menus.

It’s essential for every desktop user to be familiar with screen recording as it has become such a big feature not just in the workplace, but also in everyday life when we want to show a friend or family member something quickly and easily.

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