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How Govee Uses AI to Lead the Gaming Lighting Industry

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Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on April 13, 2023
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Smart technology is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in the home, with an estimated 46.5% of homes containing at least one smart device. This is strong evidence to suggest that users are becoming more and more comfortable using smart tech in their day-to-day lives, and Govee is leading that charge when it comes to lighting.

How are they setting themselves apart from the competition? The answer is innovative AI solutions to bolster the immersive lighting landscape.

Govee is the industry leader when it comes to smart home products, and its AI lighting tech  CogniGlow™ is changing the game, providing an unparalleled immersive gaming experience. This AI technology has positioned Govee leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, giving the user an automated and truly smart lighting setup for gaming, content consumption, and general home ambience.

That being said, how does Govee’s AI smart lighting technology work? How does it bring the user an elevated experience? We’re going to get into all of this and show off Govee’s latest paradigm-shifting product, the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit.

How Does AI Provide a Better Smart Lighting Experience?

We’re all familiar with the LED strips that you mount on the back of your TV. They take a look at your screen and roughly emulate the on-screen colours to provide a bit of extended immersion, either via a connected camera or (if you’re lucky) an HDMI sync box.

The effect looks cool and certainly adds some flair, but it lacks true synchronicity, which is exactly where Govee’s proprietary AI algorithm, CogniGlow™ comes in, addressing the lighting to specific-in-game events in addition to general color-matching.

The AI learning capabilities mean certain actions in-game will make the lights do certain things, irrespective of the color matching we mentioned earlier, giving the user a far more interactive and multi-dimensional experience.

This isn’t just making the lights flash red when you’re low on health, either; it’s more intelligent and more granular than that. The CogniGlow™ algorithm learns through over 100,000 specific characteristics of the game.

It does this by automatically analysing the individual architecture and characteristic gameplay of each title, which can provide more than 30 custom lighting effects per game, upping the intensity of every highlight as you play. This all sounds pretty spectacular, right? Well, the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit is the product that makes it all possible.

Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit: The Next Stage in the RGB Revolution

After all this talk of AI, algorithms, and smart tech, it’s understandable to think that setting all this up requires navigating a complicated mess of wires and plugs.

Thankfully this is not the case as Govee has taken steps to ensure that the user experience is as simple as possible, which is pretty impressive given the market-leading position of this product.

However, don’t confuse simplicity for lack of sophistication, as the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit is a particularly capable piece of hardware with a few key features that set it apart from the competition.

First up is the AI Gaming Sync Box Kit’s ability to handle up to 4K resolution and up to a 240Hz refresh rate. In fact, 240Hz is the highest refresh rate in the HDMI box market, further cementing Govee’s position at the bleeding edge of technology.

The 240Hz refresh rate means that those of you with a high refresh rate monitor can still count on the CogniGlow™ AI algorithm to provide all the lighting effects and in-game integrations we mentioned earlier, which is perfect for the competitive PC gamers out there.

Additionally, the Gaming AI Sync Box Kit has 3x HDMI in, meaning you can have up to 3 inputs, such as a Chromecast, PS5, and gaming PC. All of the signals from these devices are passed through and analysed by the CogniGlow™ algorithm with 0 delay, so there’s no impact on your gaming experience whatsoever.

The Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit also comes with everything you need to start elevating your smart lighting experience. You get LED strips for the back of your TV/monitor and two light bars. 

All of this conveniently and smoothly connects to the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit, allowing you to sit back, relax, and experience a new dimension of gaming immersion. If you’re a stickler for image quality and color accuracy don’t worry. In addition to this system’s near-zero delay and 4K 240Hz capabilities, the lighting strip and light bars boast 99% accurate color-matching. This means that the spectacular lighting effects you’re about to experience will be perfectly matched to the colors on screen, ensuring a stunning and cohesive light show.

Govee CogniGlow™ Algorithm: Taking RGB Lighting to the Next Level

Govee provides you with the best reactive smart home light on the market via its intelligent AI, and we spoke briefly about how it works, but it bears some expansion here.

When you connect your device to the AI Gaming Sync Box Kit, be it a console, a PC, or a streaming stick, the algorithm seamlessly analyses the video and audio signal as it passes through to the TV or monitor.

As we mentioned, this allows the algorithm to learn from the visuals of the game, automatically creating more in-depth and enjoyable lighting effects over simply replicating the average colors on screen at any given moment. 

Govee AI Smart Lighting: Your Next Immersive Experience

With all the technology developed by Govee, its smart lighting products should be your next upgrade. Whether it be for gaming, music, or content consumption, the experience will be elevated by Govee Smart AI lighting. Check out the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit($/£299.99) here or on Amazon here to upgrade your setup today. You can get a limited-time 15% discount on Amazon with code GoveeAIBox by April 22nd! 

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