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A firmware update could increase the usefulness of your ROG Ally charger dock

Here's everything you need to know
Last Updated on May 24, 2024
The image shows a ASUS ROG Ally charger dock on a blue background below the PC Guide logo
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ASUS’s ROG Ally charger dock has recently gone on sale and if you’ve managed to snag yourself this handy accessory then you’ll be happy to know about its available firmware upgrade. By knowing how to update this product’s firmware you’ll be able to get it to work on other devices. Check out our coverage on the ROG Allly charger dock deal to find out more about its features and impressive price cut.

What to expect from a ROG Ally charger dock firmware update

We noticed that one user took to Reddit to inform others of a firmware update you can do on the ROG Ally charger dock to increase its usefulness and allow you to use it on multiple devices. As you can imagine, this is a really handy piece of information that is important to understand to get the most out of your dock.

Firmware updates enable hardware to continue operating efficiently and can improve the functionality of your device. In this case, updating your dock will allow you to access a variety of other devices and fix issues with third-party cables. One Reddit user writes “Updated it and it fixed my issue of some third-party cables not allowing 30W Turbo mode on the ROG Ally”, demonstrating just how useful this package can be.

Image credit: ASUS ROG Website

How to update the the dock’s firmware

To complete this task all you have to do is select the download link found on the BIOS and Firmware section of the ROG gaming charger dock product page. Then extract and run the updater with the dock connected. Many users of the ROG Ally Reddit post have expressed a positive experience with this feature and if you’re looking for ways to increase the usefulness of your new product then it’s worth a shot.

The release of ASUS’s ROG Ally X is just on the horizon and you’ll be happy to know that this dock will most likely be compatible with this product. If you’re looking to find out more about the Ally X then check out some of our coverage on the product, including rumors about its improved battery life, and memory size.

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