AI creates brand new Led Zeppelin song

At least it isn’t taking over the world while it learns guitar!

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You might know by now that while I like Artificial Intelligence stories, they make me a bit nervous. We all know how this is going to end. With us under the power of our computer overlords. That’s coming there is no doubt, but recently, AI has had its mind taken off global domination by learning to write music.

Now, if you are ultra cynical you may think all it is doing is writing the soundtrack to our impending demise, but at least if it is, it will be to the sounds of Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin.

There have been a few of these weird instances of people using AI to write new heavy metal songs from their favorite bands. Not long since we saw AI come up with a ‘new’ Maiden song called ‘Power Gravy’, but now it seems it has been working hard on that tricky second album and has this time turned to the Zep for inspiration.

Youtuber Funk Turkey (are we to assume that is not his real name?) used a set of lyrics provided by, which is a cool site that scrapes all the lyrics by a particular artist and mashes them together into a new “song”

This was then performed in the style of Robert Plant and thus Led Zepbot was created.

And here is the result. Enjoy!

You might argue that all this lockdown malarky has given people a bit too much time on their hands. Equally, you may argue that we have just made a new Billie Eilish song and all under the guise of work!