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AMD’s new Ryzen CPUs just got officially named, but it’s hardly a surprise

Yes, it is the Ryzen 9000 series as expected
Last Updated on April 24, 2024
AMD's new Ryzen CPUs just got officially named, but it's hardly a surprise
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We’ve been keeping an eye on the latest developments for the next generation of AMD’s Ryzen CPUs. While we wait for the Zen 5 CPU release date, Gigabyte has officially confirmed that it will be named the 9000 series in a press release today. This is part of their announcement regarding boot-up support on their AM5 X670, B650, and A620 motherboards – which includes 7000 series and 8000 series support too.

Gigabyte confirms that next-gen will be Ryzen 9000 series

So far, we’ve seen plenty of manufacturers simply referring to the ‘next-gen Ryzen CPUs’ when discussing AMD’s latest Zen 5 generation. However, the news is out that it will indeed be called the 9000 series as Gigabyte has officially referred to them as such in a press release on April 24th. This is not the most surprising revelation as it follows the same naming convention as previous generations, but it’s always good to get some official confirmation.

We recently reported on the fact that motherboard manufacturers are already providing firmware updates to prepare for ‘AM5 next-gen CPU support’ – but we no longer have to speculate on the name.

How will the new Zen 5 CPUs perform?

We’re going to have to stick to some speculation for now, but it is expected that the new Zen 5 architecture on the Ryzen 9000 series will be using a 4nm process rather than 5nm. This efficiency boost allows for an expected IPC improvement of 4-5%. This could amount to an overall improvement of around 20%, but we’ll have to wait until AMD officially announce more – Computex 2024 may set the stage to do so.

Looking at the current Ryzen 9 7950X benchmarks on Geekbench, it reaches a multi-core score of 19,293. With our speculated 20% performance increase, this could see scores over 23,000 to make the 9950X the fastest processor to date.

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