Apex Legends Season 5 gears up for launch – Everything we know about the new Legend

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Apex Legends 90-day long seasons sure come round quickly. Even with the extension of a week to give players an extra chance to complete their Battle Pass grinds, it only seems like yesterday Revenant was making his debut, after a shocking back story twist that saw scheduled new Legend Forge murdered by the robo-skeleton thing, who then took his place in the game.

Back story aside, Apex Legends creator Respawn pulled the plot twist to help throw data miners off the scent and try to prevent the leaks and spoilers so so much of the internet, unfortunately, seems to thrive on.

Now with little over a week to go Respawn has confirmed (keep in mind they confirmed Forge as well, so believe what you will) that the new Legend for S5 will be Loba Andrade, who watched her parents, and Forge, get murdered by the Rev in the final Season 4 trailer.

This opens up a tasty revenge angle and there’s a new backstory video here that more than suggests Loba is looking to serve up a dish best served cold.

The new Stories from the Outlands – Legacy of a Thief animation released by Respawn also throws into view some new questions – like who is Loba’s mysterious friend that has been helping her track her parent’s killer?

There will be more info no doubt this coming week before the May 12 premiere of Season 5. Respawn has already been hinting that there will be more of the connection with the rest of the Titanfall universe this term and on Friday tweeted the above image.

The mystery deepens.

No news yet on map changes or nerfs and buffs, we may have to wait for the patch changelog for the latter but we are keeping our eyes peeled and will be having a first look at all the new stuff the minute the new season drops.