Cooler Master MM711 Mouse Giveaway

Get Your Hands On A Top Bit Of Tech

Cooler Master MM711 Mouse

Welcome back to another top PCGuide giveaway! This time we’re giving a lucky reader the chance to experience smooth mouse movements, high-quality click feedback, and some solid RGB lighting thanks to the Cooler Master MM711 Mouse.

The Cooler Master MM711 Mouse is a great optical mouse that comes equipped with a fantastic cable, some say is unrivaled. It also sports a top sensor and reliable, high-quality buttons certainly not feeling cheap. Moreover, the shell is lightweight and provides those who are left or right-handed, the chance to feel comfortability while gaming or going about their daily work. Finally, it has tapered PTFE feet, allowing it to glide over whatever surface you have it on, not falling short on anything other than a mouse pad.

The aesthetics of the Cooler Master MM711 Mouse are brilliant with its RGB lighting and punctured top, giving off a futuristic vibe that other mice fall way short of.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning the Cooler Master MM711 Mouse, there are a number of ways to enter and a bunch of opportunities to increase your chances. Take a look at the widget below for a little more insight into that.

Cooler Master MM711 Mouse Giveaway

This is a worldwide giveaway meaning no matter where you are in the world you’ll have a shot of getting your hands on the Cooler Master MM711 Mouse, and the closing date is midnight on September 5th so be sure you get your entries in ASAP!