Elegoo announces pre-orders for new 3D printers

Some exciting new models, but they are going to be in short supply when they launch.

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We love Elegoo here at PCGuide. The Mars is a terrific resin printer and the Neptune 2 was universally loved by FDM fans – at least those who could get hold of it as it was in a constant state of ‘sold-out’.

Anyway, Elegoo has just surprise mic-dropped a pre-order that starts at 2PM UTC today (June 10th) for limited numbers of their two new machines – the Mars 3 Ultra 4K for the resin crew and the super-cool looking Neptune X for those of us who also like to melt plastic.

They are also launching the Mercury X curing and washing machine for those looking for a cleaner and safer solution to cleaning 3D resin prints rather than just dropping them in a bowl of isopropyl alcohol.

Where to buy the Elegoo Mars 3 Ultra 4K 3D Printer

Finally on sale is one for the curists (clever pun there, good eh?)

The Mercury X curing and washing station has two separate bases meaning you can cure one model while washing another for those printing cases where time is money. It’s cool and will cost just $150 when Elegoo unleashes 3000 units on the world in a couple of hours time.

Pre-Order sooner rather than later at Elegoo with this link.

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The Mars 3 takes what we know and love from its previous iterations but adds a more futuristic curve to the design. It now looks like something you are more likely to find on a starship with Jeff Bezos when he shoots himself into space next month.

This brings a slightly larger build volume with it and there has been other quality of life improvements such as moving the power switch and USB to the front panel. Of course it now also has a 4K mono LCD screen which means you can get even more detail in your miniature prints.

There are only 5000 models available initially and it’s going for $300 pre-sale but if you are one of the first 100 buyers you can snap it up for $55 less than that.

Pre-order the Mars 3 here

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Where to buy the Elegoo Neptune X 3D Printer

The Neptune X already excites me. It has an unusual difference from most maker FDM printers in that it is the build plate is that travels up and down the Z-axis rather than the hotend.This should increase stability which as we know makes a big difference to the quality of the final print.

The Neptune X also has a decent build volume, going up to 300mm in height which will allow for taller prints than we are perhaps used to which is pretty cool.

The look of the Neptune X is pretty unique too with it featuring a cubed metal frame rather than the single gantry Prusa-a-likes we have become accustomed to.

Like the Neptune 2, the X is going to be in short supply (only 500 units at launch) and this is going to be frustrating as it will disappear rapidly like its older sibling. Especially as it costs under $240.

Elegoo is also promising upgrade kits further down the line to turn it into a multi-purpose unit that can laser-engrave and even dual-color print. This is going to be in demand and a lot of people are going to be disappointed. We aren’t sure why Elegoo struggles to keep up with the demand of the FDM products but hopefully, they will sort it sooner rather than later.

Pre-order the Neptune X here

Where to buy the Elegoo Mercury X Washing and Curing Machine

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