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Developer Remedy is known for its stylish third-person action games, all with a cinematic presentation, creative visual effects, and a strong narrative throughline. They first made their name with the Max Payne games, and have been behind technical showpieces like Quantum Break and most recently Control.

Alan Wake is 10 years old today, originally releasing exclusively on the Xbox 360 in 2010, before eventually getting a PC release in 2012. To celebrate this anniversary, it’s currently available on both Steam and at 90% off, just $1.49.

It’s a mysterious and moody game, about creepy monsters hunting you down, testing the title character’s physical and mental strength. There’s definitely some Lynchian vibes, where the setting and off-kilter atmosphere feels directly inspired by Twin Peaks. There’s also somewhat of a Steven King-esque tone, where a writer escaping to the wilderness for inspiration could have been pulled from the pages of any of his horror novels.

There’s never been a better time to jump into the world of Alan Wake, as Remedy has hinted at some kind of connection between the world of their recent game Control, and Alan Wake.

In the upcoming expansion for Control, titled AWE (Altered World Events), players will explore a mystery that has been heavily suggested to connect to Alan Wake in some way. The promotional art for the expansion is even a direct nod to the logo for Alan Wake, it can’t be a coincidence.

The AWE expansion is currently targeting a mid-2020 release, but the precise timing hasn’t been finalized yet.

You’ve got all weekend to mull it over, Alan Wake will be 90% off on both Steam and until May 18.

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