Are you a Fortnite fan? Plan around the v18.30 update downtime

Fortnite's downtime status is going to be up and down today, here's the details you need to know

Fortnite Downtime Status

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Fortnite is an ever-changing landscape of events, drops, and seasonal additions that can sometimes be hard to keep up with. For those dedicated players who play more than once a Fortnite (thank you), you’ll probably need to know about the changes in Fortnite downtime status today.

To be fair, we can’t expect to receive additions such as Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine amongst everything else without Epic taking the server offline for a short time to make sure everything is working as it should. Plus, Epic needs to think about player security and make sure any holes and potential liabilities are taken care of.

Fortnite Downtime Status – When will it be down and what’s comming?

It looks like Fortnite is set for a bit of downtime with update v18.30, which is going ahead at 9 AM BST, 1 AM PST, and 4 AM EST today 26th October. Word on the Fortnite Island streets is that this update will drop some new challenges to Battle Royale as part of the current ‘Wrath of the Cube Queen’ story arc.

Other leaks and rumors include the underground bunker finally opening and limited-time modes such as ‘Solid Gold’ and ‘Shockwave’ making a return. Either way, there’s bound to be more surprises in store for the current Cubed season for players to look forward to.

Fortnite v18.30 – Patch sizes and downtime

With servers closing around half an hour before the downtime to starts, Epics development team may take up to four hours to complete the update and other housekeeping they need to take care of. Honestly? We doubt servers will be down for the full four hours, so stick the kettle on and touch some grass for a little while and it’ll be back up in no time. Here are the v18.30 patch update sizes:

  • Xbox Series X – 3.2GB
  • PlayStation 5 – 3GB
  • Nintendo Switch – 2GB
  • Xbox One – 3.3GB
  • PlayStation 4 – 4.2GB

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