Legendary games dev Konami gets into hardware market

New range of hardware coming from Japan

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Konami, the Japanese developer beloved by so many (including me) for so many classics throughout the ages, has decided to branch out – into the PC hardware market.

Yes, you read that correctly- the dev behind phenomenal successes such as Gradius, Metal Gear Solid, and Silent Hill has been busy showing off three low to mid-range PCs under some new “Arespear” branding.

Besides the rigs themselves, there are also gaming headsets and keyboards with the same moniker.

The three PCs are the standard Arespear C300, the high-end C700, and high-end plus C700+.

At the moment the release seems to be Japan only but that has been Konami’s initial model for pretty much everything until interest is high enough for a Western release.

They certainly look eye-catching enough, but it’s a very crowded market and with Konami not even playing on the profile of their own brand name, it does seem a little odd.

Here’s the reveal video.