Microsoft Announces Surface Adaptive Kit

Microsoft's continued inclusive design hits the Surface Devices

The Surface Event showed off the Surface Adaptive Kit, a set of stickers and tabs designed to make using the Surface line of devices a little more inclusive.

It’s a small pack that Dave, the man presenting it, demonstrated how it’s even designed with inclusivity in mind for those who are disabled. It comes with a set of stickers that are raised to help those with impaired vision find their way around the keyboard, as well as other stickers to indicate different parts of the Surface laptops, like chargers.


Another was a lanyard tab that directly pulls the Surface’s open via its hinge. As Satya Nadella, the CEO, pointed out, you can’t be a leader in technology if you aren’t also inclusive for those that constantly get left behind.

While there’s no release date for the Kit, I’d assume it launches alongside the new Surface line on October 5th. It’s intended for use with the Surface Pro 7, 8, Laptop 3, Book 3 and Laptop Studio.

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