New Raspberry Pi distro gives your Pi a macOS makeover

Make a $50 single-board PC look like a $2000 one with one simple download

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If you are a fan of the look of macOS and also have a Raspberry Pi 4 lying around you are going to love this new distro from Grayduck and Pi Lab.

Based on Raspbian this version is going under the name iRaspbian and will instantly give you the look and feel of a Mac and it looks great.

Lots of software and games come pre-installed including RetroPie and even Steam. Clicking the mac icon for an app will bring up their Linux alternative, for example clicking on the Mac Numbers icon will load LibreOffice – the full suite of which is built into the distro.

There are even emulators for Windows 98 and Mac os9 baked in.

The included browser is the mobile version of Chromium which means you can use it to access services such as Netflix or your Plex server via the Web.

This is Pi Lab’s second OS themed build for the pi following on from its hugely popular Raspbian XP Professional which made your PI look like a Windows XP machine.Grab the iRaspbian distro from the Raspbian X website (update, the site is currently down at the time of writing, presumably from overload so check back regularly at quieter times)

For an in-depth overview check out ETAPrime on YouTube in this video

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