Play Gears 5 on PC for free this weekend

If you’ve wanted to get in on some Gears of War action but not had the funds to do so, now is the perfect time to jump in. Microsoft has opened up the floodgates for all to try Gears 5 for free from now up until April 12th. It is limited to PC only but with it being available at no extra cost for those Xbox owners that have Game Pass, it isn’t that big of a deal.

With a total of four days, you should have ample time to play through the pretty stellar campaign, featuring Kate Diaz a more recent addition to the Gears universe, to discover the origins of the ever-persistent enemy – the Locust. Hopefully, after completing the campaign, or if a single-player isn’t your thing, you do have full access to the multiplayer modes. This allows you to take control of either COG soldiers or the Locust and fight to the death. You could even mess around with the newly added WWE legend Batista, who was recently included in the COG soldier lineup.

To get this game downloaded head over to either Steam or Windows Store where it should be listed for free.

Are you going to fire up your Lancer and mutilate a horde of Locust? For free, why not!

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