Project Cars 3 Announced

Latest entry in racing sim series due this Summer

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Slightly Mad Studio’s simulation focussed racing game is getting a third iteration, due out later this year. The trailer here is for the PS4 version, but the game is confirmed to be coming out on PC too, via Steam.

There’s been a few changes behind the scenes since the release of the second game, where developer Slightly Mad Studios are now owned by racing specialist publisher Codemasters, who bought them for a cool $30m last year. Although Bandai Namco is still the publisher on this title as they were on the first two installments.

It looks slick and polished, and showcases a nice mix of circuit-based racing, and driving through dense urban environments. Racing game trailers never reveal too much about the game they are promoting, especially when how the cars feel to drive is such a big part of the experience, but at first glance, this looks pretty solid.

These games are trying to satisfy two distinct groups of people, hardcore racing sim fans, and people who enjoy more arcadey racers but are looking for a bit more depth. It’s somewhat of a balancing act, aiming to satisfy a passionate audience that’s deeply entrenched in racing and racing sim culture, whilst also appealing to newcomers.

There’s no precise launch date so far, just a vague “Summer 2020” window. Hang on a second, isn’t it already nearly summer? Seems that they’re going for a pretty short time between announcement and release for this new entry in the Project Cars series.

No doubt we’ll hear more specifics about what is new in this third entry over the coming weeks and months, we’ll keep an eye out for any exciting new developments as and when they happen.

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