Secret Lab sale includes $50 off Special Edition chairs

Saving on cost while helping to save the stress of a painful chair make sense

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Are you sitting comfortably? If not, you may be in the market for a new chair. Meaning the new Secret Lab sale could provide you with what you need.

When it comes to comfort at a desk, gaming chairs do a very good job of providing it. Plus they offer support and a premium feel that spending a decent amount on any chair should bring.

The Secret Lab sale can save you $50 USD (or €50) on one of the company’s limited edition chairs, and it’s live now. A $50 saving is not to be sniffed at, given discounts on high-quality gaming chairs can only be a good thing.

In order to find the chair and the special edition that best suits you, you’ll need to head over to Secret Lab. Choose the model based on your height and weight (Omega, Titan, or Titan XL), and then the upholstery and style for you.

What’s in the Secret Lab Sale?

In the wider sale, you’ll find a range of decent discounts, but there are specific limited edition savings to be found.

For the US, there are four limited edition series of chairs to get the $50 saving on:

  • Worlds 2021 Edition (2022 series) – R, XL
  • deadmau5 (Classic Series) – Omega 2020, Titan 2020
  • Astralis Edition (Classic series) – Omega 2020, Titan 2020
  • Astralis Edition – R, Xl – here

For European shoppers, the savings are €50 off on the:

  • deadmau5’s (Classics Series) – Omega, Titan, Titan XL
  • Astralis Edition Chairs
  • Worlds 2021 Edition Chairs (2022 Series)

There’s also a €35 saving on Game of Thrones Collection (Classics Series) – Omega, Titan, Titan XL.

Plenty of choices then, and there’s also a fair amount of time to make the most of the savings.

The Limited Edition Secret Lab sale runs as part of the wider Summer Sale until Friday, 30th September. So, you’ve got a good while to consider a purchase.

In our experience, Secret Lab chairs are well-made, supportive, and comfortable (and the writer of this article is rather tall). Of course, picking up a quality gaming costing several hundred pounds is an investment. But saving on one is a bonus.

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