Steam Golden Week Sale 2020 sale now live

The annual Steam Golden Week Sale celebrates games hailing from Japan.

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The annual Steam Golden Week Sale celebrates games hailing from Japan.

Running from now until May 6, there’s a wide range of Japanese games discounted on Steam as part of the Golden Week Sale, celebrating the Japanese national holiday.

There’s a treasure trove of different kinds of games available, something to suit every taste.

The charming marble rolling puzzle game Super Monkey Ball got its first-ever release on PC last year, with the HD remaster of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. It’s a silly, colorful game about rolling a monkey in a ball to the end of a maze, carefully balancing around tight paths and narrow bends. There’s also a big selection of minigames that provide a lot of variety. It’s just $14.99 in this sale.

Final Fantasy XV took its time arriving on PC, two years after the initial release on consoles, but it was worth the wait. This is a robust PC port that takes advantage of more powerful PC hardware to improve the visuals significantly. It’s a beautiful game full of exciting battles with varied enemies, and it looks great on PC. It’s $17.49 in the sale, and lots of other Final Fantasy games are discounted too.

The Contra Anniversary Collection is a wonderful throwback collection that chronicles the classic arcade run and gun series Contra, with slickly emulated versions of ten different games in the series. This collection was produced by M2, the masters of porting older games to modern systems, and it’s an excellently produced collection, with a lot of care going into ensuring these games run accurately and smoothly. It’s $6.79 in the sale.

The Zero Escape Trilogy made up of The Nonary Games (which contains the first two games “Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors” and “Virtue’s Last Reward”), and the final chapter Zero Time Dilemma. These are a trippy blend of horror, sci-fi, and mystery, where a group of strangers awakens trapped in a game of life or death. You get to make key decisions that affect the casts of characters in unpredictable ways and will have to explore the story from different perspectives to piece together the full story. Parts one and two are available for $11.99, and part three is $7.99.

Bit of an odd one here, but physics-based puzzle platformer Sayonara Umihara Kawase is discounted too. You can’t jump, but with your elastic grappling hook you can find your way to the end of each level. You have to plan out a route, experiment to find the right solution, and then perfect your timing to set the best time you can. It’s $4.49 in the sale.

Any of these games intrigue you? Let us know if you pick any of them up, or see anything else interesting in the sale. You’ve got until May 6 to buy these games at these prices, head over to the sale page to take a look at everything that’s on offer.

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