Nvidia Have Supposed GeForce RTX Series For Laptops Lineup Leaked

Could Nvidia's Laptop Ready 30 Series GPUs Have Just Been Leaked?

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Nvidia haven’t had the most successful launch window this year concerning their 30 series graphics cards. First, there were the abysmal stock issues surrounding both the release of their GeForce RTX 3080 and the RTX 3090 – and then there was the slew of technical issues that cropped up with launch day 3080 GPUs, that led to bugs causing the likes of overheating and potential card damage.

Now, we can add to that list of misfortune with a supposed leak of Nvidia’s series GPUS aimed at the laptop market. Now, this isn’t really bad news – not for us at least, but we are sure Nvidia’s marketing team are all kicking themselves currently.

What Was Leaked?

So, what does this leak about the RTX 30 series mobility line-up tell us? Well, it comes to us courtesy of @harykaze5719 on Twitter, who has reported that the specifications are now being shared out to Nvidia partners and that the general public can expect an official reveal of the tech by CES 2021 (or during the event itself, in whatever form it will take place in next year).

Now, what this means is that partners to Nvidia who rely on the 20 series GPUs in their laptops (the Turing generation) are now going to be ordering in 30 series (Ampere gen) GPUs to replace the 20 series in a new range of gaming laptops. Pretty exciting stuff.

As far as the actual GPUs that have apparently been leaked as coming to mobile format, we can see from the leaked image that the 3080, the 3070, and the as-yet-unannounced 3060 GPUs are all in line for the mobile treatment. However, you might want to hold your expectations down for a moment, as it looks like we might not be seeing desktop-level performance from all of these cards.

The 3080 for example looks to be limited to a Max-Q version, which essentially means that the GPU inside the laptop will be heavily optimized, with clock speeds and TDP figures more securely locked down by manufacturers. There is also the distinct possibility that this card would utilize GDDR6 memory, rather than the GDDR6X memory that the desktop version uses – but this might not have the biggest bearing on the overall performance of the card in the laptop.

As far as pairings go, these new mobile GPUs are looking to be paired with Intel H series i9 and i7 chips – which really should put their performance at a pretty high standard, especially if we have the performance of the Turing generation gaming laptops to look at as indication of CPU and GPU integration.

What Do The New Mobile 30 Series GPUs Mean For You?

This is a leak that isn’t exactly unexpected – nearly every single new generation of Nvidia GPUs launch into mobile versions at some point in their life cycles, and get soldered into gaming laptops and high-end notebooks for the ultimate mobile gaming experiences for consumers in that generation of tech, but let’s talk about what it means for consumers.

Right now, there is a significant lack of 30 series graphics cards out there for desktop use. It’s no secret, the 30 series launch was intensely successful, and supply didn’t keep up with demand.

However, thanks to gaming laptops often being priced at a higher point than a gaming PC, and that laptops are a set piece of tech rather than upgradable like a custom PC, they appeal to a slightly different market and could be an easy, viable way into Ampere PC gaming performance for someone dead set on entering the next generation of PC gaming.

The bottom line is this: If you are in the market for a powerful laptop, one that can handle intense gaming or even just demanding processes like media editing or CAD design, and you need the best, then it could be worth holding onto your cash and saving just a little longer so that you can get your hands on a Nvidia 30 series loaded laptop.

We will keep up with the launch of the 30 series GPUs in all their forms as time goes on, but if you have any questions about the newest Nvidia graphics cards or gaming laptops, just leave a comment below and we will do our best to help!