Which Way Should A Router Face?

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You may come across many different ways of setting up a new router when thinking about how it should be directed. But don’t worry. Our article can help you determine the right direction your router should be facing.

What Is the Best Direction for a Router to Face?

It depends on how and where you are using the router. If you are sitting close to the router, it won’t matter where you place or in which direction you face it. However, in case you sit far from your router, try to remove any obstacles from your way that can block the router signals. Next, face the router in your direction for better results.

It does not matter where the router faces as long as you reside on the same premises. However, what matters the most is the model and technology installed in the router as well as ideally having several antennas. For example, the latest router model with 6-8 antennas would generate better results regardless of the direction in which it is facing.

Besides, it is not the router that matters the most. The router antennas contribute to the efficiency and stability of its signal or overall performance. Therefore, focus more on the router features and attributes instead of worrying about where it should be directed or facing towards.


Which Way Should Router Antennas Point?

It does not matter as long as you have a good router placed at the center of your home. This way, it can cover the maximum area surrounding it. However, make sure to put it in the open without obstacles such as walls, other electronic devices, and other nearby appliances.


Some users spend a lot of time, when installing their router, thinking about the best position or direction the router should face. However, their primary focus should be on better models in terms of their technology and features. 

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