What are the benefits of tablets?

We highlight the key things to know if you're looking to buy

What are the benefits of tablets - iPad Air

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The market for tablets is increasing. Canalys has conducted a study to show that the market for tablets has resurged. So, if you are looking for a tablet right now you are entering at the best time.

To avoid more confusion and help you decide, we are here to explain what are the benefits of tablets and why you should buy one.

Tablets are good to read

When talking about reading, Kindle is the first word that comes to mind. Especially because of its lack of distractions that help readers to focus; however, a tablet like the Amazon Fire 10 HD is a great example of a great tablet to read.

Although it will give you the chance to distract yourself with apps like youtube, TikTok, or Netflix, it also gives a better experience with every kind of book.

You just try to make a kid read a children’s book with full-color drawings and you’ll see how efficient it can be.

Tablets are portable

A good laptop is a dream for many, but imagine having a job that requires you to be moving all day long from one spot to another or having to go from work to school, and then back home.

You’ll be asking for something more utilitarian and practical. That’s the beauty of tablets. You can have as much power as you can get from an iPad Pro to a budget, robust and easy-to-use Lenovo Thinkpad x1.

Tablets can be better than some laptops

One of the biggest strengths of the iPad Pro is that is multi-purpose. You can do almost everything on this device: plugging a keyboard and an external screen, setting up a music station, using it as an arcade gaming platform, and even plugging a guitar and microphone.

All under less than 13 inches large and 700 grams. There are laptops than can even do half of what an iPad offers and are way bigger.