MSI Claw handheld gaming PC rumors – what we know so far

Could MSI be launching its Steam Deck competitor?

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The handheld gaming PC market exploded over the past year, and it looks like MSI might be the latest to hop on the trend – here’s what we know about the MSI Claw handheld gaming PC rumors. The dominating success of Valve’s Steam Deck led to the launch of competitors such as the Asus ROG Ally and the Legion Go, establishing this new genre of handheld as more concrete within the tech industry. However, yet another industry giant seems to be launching a new portable, and this time it’s MSI.

With one of the biggest tech events of the year rapidly approaching, what better time for MSI to make its mark with its very own handheld gaming PC, apparently dubbed the MSI Claw. CES 2024 is just days away and rumors of a handheld launch from MSI are heating up, so in this article, we’ll explore the leaked details surrounding the MSI Claw, its potential specifications, and its position in the market.

MSI Claw handheld gaming PC rumors

Following a series of teasers and unofficial leaks, numerous sources are now pointing toward the MSI Claw being unveiled at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. An official teaser video from the MSI Instagram account flashed two RGB joysticks from a dark background, as well as some brief glimpses at the back panels of the device. Paired with the caption “A whole new breed of MSI dragon is coming. #MSIxCES2024 “, this handheld unveiling now seems particularly promising.

This event will be a crucial moment for MSI, as the company will have the opportunity to showcase the capabilities of its handheld gaming PC and compete against industry leaders like Valve, Asus, and Lenovo. While we naturally haven’t got the official design or hardware specifications of the Claw yet, leaks have given us a lot of insight, revealing that not only is the Claw a beauty, but it also seems to be a bit of a beast.

The design of the MSI Claw

Not long after MSI’s teaser video, pictures of the MSI Claw handheld started circulating on X via user Алексей (@wxnod), which seem to be part of the MSI China marketing materials. What we can gather from this is that the Claw has a physical form reminiscent of other handheld gaming PCs on the market, and is notably comparable to the ROG Ally. The device features a large display in the center, flanked by buttons and analog sticks on both sides that appear to leverage RGB lighting for a bit of extra flash. However, while this gives us a broad overview of what we might expect, details such as the screen size, resolution, and whether an OLED panel is used currently remain unknown.

Hardware and performance

One of the most intriguing aspects of the MSI Claw is its choice of processor. While competitors like Asus and Lenovo have opted for AMD’s Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor, the MSI Claw is rumored to be powered by one of Intel’s latest Meteor Lake processors: according to Videocardz, the Claw will use the Core Ultra 7 155H.

Although it seems like a rogue choice, this high-spec processor holds a few advantages over the Ryzen Z1 Extreme. Firstly, the 6 cores and 22 threads of the Core Ultra 7 155H are double what its Ryzen opponent offers. Additionally, we might be seeing this 16-core CPU boast a base clock speed of 3.80GHz and a maximum frequency of 4.78GHz. To top off its impressive specifications, the Claw is said to come with 32GB of RAM, double the memory found in the Legion Go or ROG Ally.

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Could the Claw be the most powerful handheld?

It’s hard to say if the Claw is the most powerful handheld without the official benchmarks from MSI or real-world performance tests, but thanks to its Intel chip and large RAM storage, the device could be a realistic contender for this title. While it’s clear that the processing performance will be powerful, we’re yet to see if we’ll get the OLED display that will elevate the MSI Claw experience to the next level.

Will the MSI Claw handheld be good?

With the introduction of the MSI Claw, the handheld gaming PC market has gained another fierce competitor. While it’s hard to make a full judgment prior to the official launch of the device, the first peak into the design and specs of the MSI Claw point towards it being a good and powerful console.

Valve’s Steam Deck has already gained significant attention due to its convenience and compatibility with the extensive Steam games library. However, the MSI Claw aims to stand out by offering superior hardware specifications and the potential for optimized gaming performance with Intel Arc graphics. Ultimately, whether it can dethrone the Steam Deck as the reigning champion in the handheld gaming PC market remains to be seen, but CES 2024 looks set to reveal all.


The MSI Claw is poised to be a strong contender in the handheld gaming PC market. With its sleek design, powerful hardware specifications, and the potential of Intel Arc graphics, it has the opportunity to make the significant impact MSI will be craving. However, its success will ultimately depend on how well it performs in real-world gaming scenarios, and whether or not it can compete with established players like Valve, Asus, and Lenovo as one of the best handhelds.

As gaming enthusiasts eagerly await its official release, the Claw has the potential to further redefine the handheld gaming PC landscape. Stay tuned over the next week while CES 2024 unveils not just the Claw, but many other tech innovations that look to make an impact on the market.

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