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Does the Xbox Series X come with a controller? – Yes and much more

Knowing the contents of your Xbox Series X package is important. We'll let you know everything.
Last Updated on December 19, 2023
Xbox Series X controller? in text with a picture of a wireless controller and package box.
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Many questions come to mind when you first purchase a new console. When will it arrive? Will it be quick to set up? What does the console include? We have noticed that of the most common questions asked is does the Xbox Series X come with a controller? Let’s investigate.

Knowing the contents of your console package before arrival is very important and can make the process of unboxing and setting up your console much easier. We would hate for you to have to wait an extra few days for any new parts to arrive, so we will tell you all thats included in your Xbox Series X package

Knowing more about your Xbox Series X is just as vital as the gameplay, so be sure to take a look at our articles on how to set up your controller and the best HDMI cable to use for gaming.

What is included with the Xbox Series X console?

The Xbox Series X has a variety of additional components which are included in its box. Every Xbox Series X comes with an Ultra High Speed HDMI cable, mains lead, quick-start guide (manual), two AA batteries and a wireless controller. This is the same in every standard edition purchase of the Xbox Series X. The contents of the standard edition are also included in most of the available editions. With that being said, further editions will usually include special add-ons and even content themselves. As gaming has become increasingly streamlined and digital, the contents of the console package have drastically changed. In particular, the physical components required have become more sparse. Although some may find this concerning at first, the lack of unnecessary components has allowed the set up process to become far easier.


No USB cable? Not to worry

Unlike the PS5, the Xbox Series X does not come with a standard USB cable. This is because the wireless Xbox Series X controller does not have built-in rechargeable batteries.

Instead, the controller runs on AA batteries which are included in the box.

How many controllers does the Xbox Series X come with?

For those seeking to play the Xbox Series X with a friend or family member, you may be wondering how many controllers are included in the standard edition of the Xbox Series X. If local system multiplayer is your goal, then you will need to purchase an additional wireless controller alongside the original contents of the console box. Unfortunately, the Xbox Series X only comes with the one controller.

Are Xbox One controllers compatible with Xbox Series X?

One of the major strongpoints of the Xbox Series X is its backwards compatibility. Unlike its competitors, the Xbox Series X is designed to ease the transition between each generation Xbox console. Overall, allowing users the chance to continue using components and gaming accessories. Xbox One controllers are compatible with the Xbox Series X. Likewise, Series X and S controllers will also work with the Xbox One console. To many, this will solve the issue of having just one controller upon arrival, with other controllers from previous Xbox One consoles being used for local multiplayer mode. Game accessories such as Media Remote, Chatpad, and the Stereo Headset Adapter also have similar backwards compatibility.


Yes, the Xbox Series X does include a wireless controller. It’s one of just six components included in the standard edition package; including the console itself. The standard edition includes just the one wireless controller, which requires the use of AA batteries. Due to the fantastic backwards compatibility of the Xbox Series X, existing Xbox One users will be use their old controllers on this new console and vice versa.

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