Does the Xbox Series X support 8K gaming? – Let’s find out

Ever wondered if 8K gaming is possible on the Xbox Series X? The answer may suprise you

Xbox Series X supports 8K gaming.

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As technological improvements continue to run parallel to the demand for enhanced visuals in gaming, the jump from 4K to 8K seems inevitable. However, do all consoles even support 8K gaming? With the Xbox Series X becoming one of the most popular gaming consoles in recent years, this article discusses the fundamentals of 8K gaming, its hurdles, and answers the question does the Xbox Series X support 8K gaming?

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Can the Xbox Series X support 8K gaming?

In theory, the Xbox Series X would be able support 8K gaming. Though, it is not as straightforward as a simple yes. With only a small majority of gamers owning monitors with 8K capability, the Xbox Series X and its content are not officially designed with 8K features in mind. In order to actually play games in 8K, the Series X would need to fully update its system and games. However, this would not be a quick as updating your console with the click of a button. 8K features and capabilities would have to be added to each game, a process which will take time and cost money. With no real demand in the current marketplace, many manufacturers are in no rush to push gaming into this next visual era.

What exactly is 8K gaming?

To many, 4K visuals are still relatively new to the mainstream gaming industry. But some have already begun looking to the next chapter of visual optimization. 8K gaming is 4X the pixels of 4K, a staggering jump when considering the initial improvement that 4K offered users. There are currently screens and monitors available that display content at 8K. Nevertheless, most people do not own these television sets yet. A major reason being that they can cost upwards of $2,500. In fact, according to The Standard and IDC, 4K TVs made up just 0.4% of all TV sold worldwide in 2022. Therefore, with the lack of current demand, most console and game manufacturers have not developed such features for their users.


Can you tell the difference?

According to a Warner Bros. study conducted in 2020, most of the 139 participants failed to spot a major difference between 4K and 8K content. Furthermore, reporter Scott Wilkinson noted only those with good visual acuity were able to noticeably describe the improvement 8K offered.

What are the problems with 8K gaming?

The major problems concerning 8K gaming are threefold; price, size, and content. Firstly, as previously stated, the price of both purchasing and producing content for 8K screens and monitors is extremely high. Secondly, most 8K TV screens are estimated at around 75 inches or more. According to the Warner Bros. study, most noted the screen size as being imperative to noticing any difference between 4K and 8K. This makes them very difficult to house and store. Lastly, the content that has been made for 8K is, at the time of writing, very limited. For broader context, 8K content can be found when searched on YouTube, but you wont find any content available on streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. The Xbox Series X also has no content currently running with 8K capabilities. PS5 has just one game available with 8K support, The Touryst, released in 2021.

When will Xbox Series X support 8K gaming?

The process to develop 8K gaming content is not currently a priority for console and game manufacturers. Estimated to remain so for the next 3-4 years. Until 8K monitors are more readily available and sold from much lower price points, manufacturers will not consider producing content with 8K possibilities. Developing content with 8K features will add significant cost, time, and complexity. In the current marketplace, this would only serve a small percentage of the users. In short, it is currently not worthwhile, from a financial perspective, for 8K content to be produced.

Final thoughts

8K gaming is certainly on the horizon. But how close this horizon is to our currently reality remains an important dilemma when asking does the Xbox Series X support 8K gaming? Xbox Series X would support 8K gaming if the content and console was to be updated, but it is simply too expensive and niche in the current marketplace for content to be geared for it. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Xbox users will not find any content on the console that is available to play at 8K. This is certainly a developing story so make sure to keep an eye out for any future 8K gaming news.