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Is Intel 12th gen worth it in 2023?

How does Intel 12th gen stack up?
Last Updated on October 17, 2023
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The Intel 14th-generation processors are all set to fully launch by the end of 2023. With the launch of these new-gen Core processors, several new devices will be available in the market. But what if you have a 12th-generation CPU? Does it mean you need to upgrade or is 12th-gen still worth it in 2023?

Is Intel 12th gen worth it in 2023?

The quick answer is a resounding yes. Intel’s 12th-gen processors remain a viable option in 2023, particularly for those seeking robust performance without breaking the bank. With the impending launch of Intel’s 14th-gen Raptor Lake Refresh, prices for 12th-gen CPUs have been slashed, making them an even more attractive option.

Performance metrics

When it comes to upgrading your CPU, performance is often the deciding factor. Intel’s 12th-gen CPUs, built on the Alder Lake architecture, were pioneers in adopting a hybrid design that combines high-performance and high-efficiency cores. This architecture is particularly effective for both single-threaded and multi-threaded tasks, offering better performance in various workloads.

While the upcoming 14th-gen CPUs will feature more cores, the 12th-gen processors are not far behind. They also support cutting-edge technologies like PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 RAM, and feature an Intel Thread Director for efficient task allocation among different types of CPU cores.

Power efficiency and sustainability

Intel’s 12th-gen CPUs are designed on the 10nm SuperFin process, offering significant improvements in power efficiency. The hybrid architecture allows the system to intelligently toggle between high-performance and high-efficiency cores, depending on the task at hand. This enhances laptop battery life and aligns with the growing emphasis on energy-efficient computing.

Graphics capabilities

For gamers and those involved in content creation tasks like Adobe Photoshop, graphics performance is a key consideration. Intel’s 12th-gen CPUs come equipped with enhanced integrated graphics through Intel Arc, offering a substantial improvement over previous generations.

Compatibility across systems

One of the strong suits of Intel’s 12th-gen CPUs is their broad compatibility with a range of existing and upcoming computers and laptops. This ensures that Alder Lake CPUs have a longer shelf life, making them a worthwhile investment even in 2023.


Whether Intel 12th gen is worth it in 2023 boils down to your individual needs and priorities. If you’re on a budget, the recent price drops make 12th-gen Intel Core processors an attractive option. They offer solid performance, especially for gaming PCs, and are compatible with various motherboards.

For those focused on clock speeds and the highest level of performance, you might be eyeing the upcoming Intel 14th-gen CPUs. These are expected to offer even more cores and potentially higher clock speeds, making them a tempting choice for those who want the absolute best for their desktops.

Final thoughts

In summary, Intel 12th-gen CPUs hold their own in 2023, offering a balanced mix of performance and affordability. Whether you’re building a new gaming PC or looking to upgrade your existing system, these processors remain a viable choice, especially when you consider their compatibility with various motherboards and the performance they bring to the table.

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